Motivation Monday

I think I am going to try this new thing called Motivation Monday.  I’d love for it to be interactive.  I am going to post something to hopefully motivate myself and others every Monday, quite frankly because Monday’s suck.  Nobody wants to come off the weekend, go back to work, real life kicks in and thats no fun!

So here’s the deal, post something in the comments or on your blog and link it to me that is motivational.  It can be a picture, a quote, a person, anything that motivates you!

I got this in a text from a friend this morning.  How applicable!


It makes perfect sense!  What motivates you?  Throw it up in the comments.  Lets kick butt this week.  Make health choices, get to the gym, and press on with your journey!



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3 responses to “Motivation Monday

  1. Tatum

    I love the quotes, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” and “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

    I’ve tried embracing the whole don’t weight yourself thing in the past. But when I don’t weigh myself once a week I lose all accountability and tend to gain a whole bunch of weight and eat whatever I want… So what advice do you have for shifting that mentality and relying on other things for accountability?

    • Do you take measurements? I’d suggest that. Yes its still a number but measure yourself (an arm, waist, hips, bust, and thigh) then do it again in 6 weeks and see the differences. Also take pictures from the front and side. I’d suggest doing that in a binkini, or short shorts and a sports bra. Don’t worry nobody but you has to see them. Also do it again in 6 weeks. You’ll see a difference quickly. Let that be your measurement of success.

      Also, by how your clothes fit! Jeans should get looser (and not because they aren’t fresh out of the drier!), shirts look baggier, etc. You know what you are eating; hold yourself accountable for it. If your clothes are getting tighter then you need to look at your diet again.

      Finally, by how you feel. I know when I eat junk I feel bloated and just plain fat. If I am super sluggish at the gym then I probably haven’t been eating well. This is a good measure for immediate. For example, I ate some junk this weekend and was dragging at the gym yesterday and today. Cleaning some things up and I can guarantee by Wednesday Ill have more energy and won’t be dragging.

  2. Kerri

    My motivation is you, Sarah. You have started me into this crossfit routine I can’t seem to get away from and when I miss a day I feel lousy! Not only am I at cfit at 530am on some days I am actually eating more veggies then before! Thank you for the motivation, help and support!

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