So Fresh Salad

So its that fabulous time of year when everyone has a garden and has vegetables coming out of their ears.  We plant a little garden but seem to be inheriting lots of goodies this year!  We also do a ton of grilling because its quick and easy; and when you live in the south and its 100+ every day you don’t want to light the oven.

We have a bunch of cucumbers and cherry tomatoes that we inherited.  We also had left over grilled chicken that I had pre-sliced in finger grabbing sized pieces (great snack!).  Last night we had no dinner, a baby going through a growth spurt so he lives on my boob, and 2 grumpy adults that were hungry.  We threw this quick and easy salad together.

Here is what you need:

2 cups diced cucumbers
1 cup sliced or diced tomatoes (we used cherry tomatoes and just sliced em’ in half)
2 avacados sliced
2 cups chicken breast diced and cooked
6 table spoons of avocado oil
4 table spoons lemon juice
italian seasoning

Dice it up, and mix it together.  It was delicious, fresh, quick, and easy!

image1-9The picture is dark because it was my second helping and I took it with my cell while nursing.  You could mix it up with the seasonings anyway you like or add more veggies.

What fresh salads do you like?  How do you use fresh veggies in tasty ways?


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