Yup, its official I suck at keeping up with this.  Can I blame travel?  Single parenthood?  Exhaustion?  Work?  Yeah, probably but I won’t.  Reality is this hasn’t been a priority.  I’ve been eating kind of whatever (some paleo some not so much).  I’ve been wishy washy at the gym.  Can’t change the past…can change the future.  Billionth times a charm?

Lets talk about weight loss competitions.  Now, let me start by saying I love some good competition.  However, this new fad of entering bets to lose weight is crap.  Yup, I said it.  Cramming to drop a percentage of your weight in a short period of time is NOT helpful, for many reasons.  The likely hood you keep that off is slim.  “Winning” isn’t getting the scale to drop (heck I can fluctuate 5 pounds any given day).

scale winIncorrect!

It also has no bearing on getting any healthier.  The reality is the scale is not a dictator of “health”.  There are some very unhealthy “skinny” people.  There are some very healthy bigger people.  Healthy is what is important (not the number on the scale).  Healthy, however involves many things.  Its overall size, its stuff fitting, its feeling good, its working out effectively, its a lot of things!  These are the things I want…need to get back to!

I need to get back to the girl on the right.  I am somewhere between right now.

Again, I do love me some competition.  So I decided to challenge my sister to a paleo/health challenge!  We start tomorrow and will go through July 15th (just shy of 8 weeks).  It is based on a WOD, weight, AND measurements.  It will break down like this:

  • Initial baseline WOD to be completed 5/22
  • Initial measurements (in inches hips, bust (right under boobs/sports bra line), R thigh, R arm) and weight to be taken and logged 5/23
  • Final baseline WOD to be completed 7/15
  • Final measurements and weight to be taken and logged 7/15

The WOD (which we completed this morning via FaceTime for consistency/fairness) is:
10 Min AMRAP
10 push up
10 air squat
10 sit ups

We logged scores and will do it again on the last day of the challenge.  We are scoring as follows:

Every rep higher on the final WOD when compared to the baseline = 1 point
Every full pound lost = 1 point
Every inch lost = 1 point

This should be just the kick in the ass I need.  The loser has to buy the winner a prize back worth $50.  Healthy good stuff of course.  Obviously I need a good solid plan.  I know what it is.  I’ve done this before and I know what works for me!

fail to plan

I am going to do zone paleo.  This is to make sure I am getting enough of the right balance of nutrients.  I will eat 1800 calories a day on non-gym days and about 2200 on gym days.  My macro breakdown will be 40/30/30 protein/carbs/fat.  I am using MFP to track this.  I’m shooting to go back to 3 on 1 off at the gym.  When I am there I need to bust ass and not be lazy.  Lift every time, WOD every time, stretch, warm up…EVERY TIME.  I am contemplating C25K too because you know my endurance is in the tank, I hate running, and its good for you.

So thats whats up here!  I challenge you (if there are any of you left out there since my hiatus’ are annoying) to get out there and challenge a friend or many friends.  Make it a well rounded challenge.  Make it simple.  Make it fun.

Oh, I also got ordered a fitbit so there will be some serious walking around coming too!  The amazing ladies on my mom board do weekly challenges.  Simple yet fun!  And I love to win.


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