1st Birthday!

Our baby turned 1!  How has it been a year (and my ass is still in bad shape, probably worse then the day I delivered)?  We had so much fun and got to celebrate with friends and family.  We also had some amazing pictures taken.  Here are a few of his 1 year pics.  A55A44A33A20A3

That kid loves to open his mouth.  Of course we got him a smash cake made by my amazing friend.  He ate some; then he decided to “King Kong” it, and sit down.  He also shared with Daddy.

How did people plan parties before Pintrest?  I mean I guess I planned a wedding without it.  I definitely went all Pintrest on his party, and loved it.  Here are some party shots.

We had a blast.  It was pretty much a weekend long celebration.  Nick was able to fly home and my mom flew down last minute too.  We have amazing friends here in NC who came and stayed and made it so special.  Sorry, not sorry for the picture dump!


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