Travel and Paleo

So its no secret we travel A LOT these days.  Read every trip without a delay is 6 hours and a  girls gotta eat.  Both little guy and I would be VERY hangry if we go 6 hours without food.  Figure its an hour in the car to the airport, 2 hours at the airport, 2 hour flight, 1 hour ride to wherever we are going.  We generally take a 12pm flight out and a 3pm flight back.  And since you can’t bring tons through security (nor do I want to carry it) we are stuck with airport food and small snacks.


At this point I think I’ve got this down.  Here is what our travel day food and schedule look like:

8am: wake up kiddo and feed him a quick easy breakfast.  We both usually just inhale 2 eggs and some quick breakfast meat.

9/930am: leave for airport and drive.  Drink coffee (or someone wont survive), give the kiddo a pouch (I like the all organic ones with nothing else in them check the ingredients and stock up on sale).

1030am: get through TSA (we got pre-check and its the bomb diggity.  If you travel any amount get this.  Worth the $85 for 5 years for sure).

11am: through security.  Get a significant snack and hang out.  Significant snack is a quest bar (I pack), fruit (I buy), and sometimes a deconstructed sandwich (this last week we got Starbucks (there isn’t a Dunkin Donuts in our airport) breakfast sandwich with meat and no cheese and didn’t eat the bread).

12pm: on the plane, I distract the kid with some non-paleo animal crackers (its a plane treat he will survive!) and/or some gluten free organic veggie sticks (not perfect but ah well).

2pm: we land and head out and immediately hit up some lunch somewhere on the way to the apartment.

I also pack some trail mix in a sandwich baggie for emergencies.  You know because a lack of food is CLEARLY an emergency.


Headed back on an afternoon flight its pretty similar except we eat lunch in the airport.  I have found that bars are actually the best option.  They tend to have real good sandwiches.  Last week we got Boston Beer Works.  I had the grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and all the fixings (lettuce, tomato, pickles….nothing crazy) with sweet potato fries.  Little man had a hot dog (no bun) and broccoli.  Don’t worry we shared sides.  Then we grab dinner as soon as we get back home.  I also pack similar snacks or use whatever we didnt eat on the way up.

Remember, you can generally always find something thats paleo (or damn close) it just takes some thought and prep.  I pull buns off things all the time (or just order without).  Added bonus you don’t feel like crap when flying.

I am super lucky in that the little guy tends to sleep for at least an hour on the flight.  So I just watch some tv or snooze myself.  He is also big on flirting with anyone around us and staring behind to scope out the people.  Last flight there were two cute little girls he flirted with while he was awake.  “HI GIRLS!!!” over and over.  They humored him and had fun (they were probably 7 and 10).  Some pics for fun!


PS – I know I promised vodka lemonade and I didn’t forget.  Its coming but I haven’t made it lately.


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