Sometimes its about the things you hate

So I had a kid.  I made a lot of excuses.  I fell out of shape.  I’ve been fighting to get back in shape.  Im working hard in the kitchen.  So I thought to myself, crossfit is great but maybe I should try something else and it’ll help me across the board.  Then I thought what are the things I hate the most.  The list was as follows:

  • running
  • burpees
  • Open WOD 14.5 (and subsequently 16.5)

So I decided I didn’t want to do a million burpees a day and while that has its benefits its probably not the most beneficial overall.  So running it was (I sure as hell wasn’t doing burpees and thrusters…nope).  And let me be very clear…I hate running.  I am not one who gets runners high.  I especially hate running while pushing a stroller (because leaving your baby on the street corner is frowned upon).  The good news is my kid loves the gym, the stroller, going for walks and/or runs, and does not care at all if its 110 degrees outside.


I guess when you run with a stroller its like resistance training too?  Because let me tell you running uphill, pushing a stroller with a 30ish pound baby in it isn’t easy!  So I decided to sucker one of the other gym girls into this and landed on doing the 8 week program count to 5k (aka C25K).  Lots of people seem to have had serious success with this so I figured what the heck.

We started week 3 today and survived (which is obviously what this is about).  We are trying to take different routes everyday to mix up the scenery.  We run Monday, Wednesday, Friday (I wont lie this also helps my Fitbit numbers like WOAH!).  Today we got the bright idea to run before the WOD (which also had running) epically bad idea!

The morale of the story its about being functional.  Stepping outside your comfort zone.  If we all only practice the things that come easy to us or we enjoy you wont get better.  To get better you gotta step outside your comfort zone, amp up your training in new and creative ways, and kick some ass while doing it!

Even the little man is learning to do new and fun things.  He may not be walking proficiently but he sure is climbing everywhere!  Everyone around here is trying new things and working on what we aren’t that great at…yet!


What are you doing to step outside your fitness comfort zone?  If the answer is nothing I challenge you to get out there and do something new and different.  Play a sport, go for some extra walks, join a pure barre class, get an app with daily fitness challenges (there are billions).



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