Flashback Friday: Thin Mints Aren’t Evil

I just found a post I wrote in 2011 about Girl Scout cookies.

Then…and most year’s of my life The Girl Scout Cookie Season was a stressful time. Each year I’d start a diet in January and by February “dieting” would be in full-swing. Then these cute little uniformed cookie pushers come knocking at your door. Oh, the guilt. The guilt of saying no and the guilt of saying yes.

This year I’ve reframed my perspective. I bought one box. I ate them. I enjoyed them. No guilt. Moderation. And I shared with the hubby and kid. I considered hoarding them but I was feeling nice.

Sabotage in the Flesh

February 9, 2011



1. any underhand interference with production, work, etc., in a plant, factory, etc., as by enemy agents during wartime or by employees during a trade dispute. 

2. any undermining of a cause. 

The hubby and I have recently committed to dieting. He’s doing his thing, and I’m doing Weight Watchers. It never fails that after about 2-3 weeks of the New Year’s “lose weight” resolution, the soldiers in green take the the neighborhood streets hoping to corrupt the weak-willed.

It was a Saturday morning when the first attack began. The doorbell. Ringing. At 9:00am. The dog is barking and I’m not moving. I peak out the front window, and I see the enemy. Wearing their full gear – cute smiles, blonde hair, green little uniforms with patches – they left without a fight.

Later that day I told the husband that we were NOT succumbing to the enemy. Our house would be our fortress. DON’T ANSWER THE DOOR. We both agreed, we’d hold out and stand our ground – no Girl Scout cookies this year.

Later that day I was doing the *healthy* thing and walking the dog. We were doing our regular route and we were on our last lap. I could see the house ahead. And then, out of nowhere, the soldiers came running. Darn it! Sadie, run! (run and Bassethound don’t mix). They ambushed us in the street.

“Awww, look at your dog. He’s soo cute!” they exclaimed.

Strike 1: “He” is a girl.

“Can we pet him?” they ask.

They had me trapped. Sadie doesn’t turn down pets. Especially when they come from miniature people, aka kids. The traitor of a dog sat there and relished in the attention.

And then, just when I thought we could make a mad dash for the house. They shot me with it. In their cute little voices all in unison, “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”

My brain is saying –  “Weight Watchers, Healthy, Lose Weight, Exercise, No Sweets.”

“We’ll hold your dog while you fill out the form.” Did I really just say yes? YES.

Thin Mints and Some Peanut Butter Things it was….

Oh well, now I’ll have to find someone to give my cookies to. According to the Girl Scout’s website, this battle has been going on for over 80 years. Well, bring it on. There is always next year little soldiers. I’ll win one of these years.

In all seriousness, I don’t mind supporting the little ladies, but WHY cookies? And, ya’ll wait until three weeks into a diet to tempt us. I just learned I can donate my cookies back to the Girl Scouts to use in “community care projects.” Maybe that’s the win-win I need!

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