The Screw the Scale Challenge

What if you didn’t step on the scale for an entire year?

*que the gasps*

For some of us this would mean freedom, for others fear and still others could care less.

I’ll admit, I haven’t weighed myself this year. (Yes, that only means a month.) The batteries died in our scale and since we are doing some work in our laundry room the rechargeable batteries are packed up. I was too lazy to find the replacement batteries.

After about two weeks into the new year I started noticing I was making conscious excuses for not changing the batteries. Not changing the batteries may change my life.

I found in the weeks I wasn’t weighing that I didn’t beat myself up every morning about a number on a scale. Maybe I need to recharge myself instead of “recharging” the batteries. Recharge my self-esteem. Recharge my health. Recharge positivity.

But is this really a recharge or is it finally claiming a life of body acceptance and judging my body for what it is and not what a scale tells me it is.

I’ve always been body obsessed. I’m a control freak. It was something I could control. For much of my teenage and adult life I’ve weighed every morning and my days are shaped by the number staring back at me.

Self-worth has been driven by an inanimate object and success by a number.

But how many other numbers do we define ourselves by? Do you get up everyday and recite your Social Security number and let it shape your mindset for the day? Do you doodle your birthday on the bathroom mirror so it will stare back at you and remind you of your age every morning? What about your shoe size? Do you have a big 9.5 sticker in your closet to remind you of your size every time you grab a pair of shoes? (Yes, I have big feet.)

If these things sound crazy, then why is the scale the barometer of happiness for so many of us? It’s a number. It also can be a misleading number. “HEALTH” doesn’t equal “WEIGHT”. Health and wellness is spiritual, mental, physical, financial, emotional and more. Tell me how a scale measures all those things.

So here I am….a little scared and vulnerable and taking a leap. I’m officially proclaiming 365 days of no scale. No weighing.

In the next 365 days I want to:

  • Trust my body and its instincts
  • Focus on the things I’m doing “right” for my body and health versus nitpicking every little action that society deems unhealthy
  • Discover and embrace health-first thinking versus weight-first thinking
  • Do things for my body from a spirit of love for my body instead of dislike
  • Learn to be in tune with my body’s needs and realize when my emotions
    are tricking me
  • Be ok with “screwing up” and move on. If I have an off day – it’s one day. Move on.

I want to be clear that this isn’t a tale of throwing caution to the wind and enjoying 365 days of McDonalds, pizza and beer. (Nothing wrong with that if it’s your plan.)

I’m still going to try to exercise and eat healthier, but from a different perspective and mindset. I want to see if approaching this from a place of self-love versus self-loathe can change the trajectory.

So here I go. The Screw the Scale Challenge is officially on. I know I’ll learn something. And I may fail. But I’ll share what I learn. This process will also force me to be vulnerable and honest, two traits that we need more of in this world.

Anyone else want to join me?

I plan to share my thoughts, progress, revelations, experiences and maybe even beauty secrets.

I should also mention I’m 6 months post-baby, a time when most mothers are looking to bounce back from pregnancy. So this should be extra interesting…

I stopped weighing before the holidays, so 365 days will be January 1, 2020.

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