About Me

Welcome to my blog!  I am Sarah (see me down below in ridiculous cowboy hat).  It will mostly focus on healthy eating (specifically paleo), fitness (mostly Crossfit with some added fun), there will be occasional posts about other random things but I will try to stay focused.  I also plan to post recipes, tips, Crossfit workouts, and other fun things.  Now for a little more about me.

I am 30 years young, married to a fabulous guy since 2007 (he also Crossfits), we have no kids, 1 dog (Lady), and 1 cat (Phoebe); both pets are recuses and were only supposed to be here a short time.  I am originally from Boston but moved to North Carolina in 2007 immediately after getting married.  I am currently working on my doctorate and someday will finish.  I work in higher education but am a stay at home wife right now.   I love taking pictures, being out on the water, and being with friends.

I have been crossfitting since December 29th, 2011 and love to hate it.  I have a bad habit of going on hiatus’ but am hoping to stop that and hold myself more accountable.  I have done one team competition and we managed not to finish last (it was a hot mess but a great experience.  I am gearing up to do my second competition this August, it is an individual one so scares the crap out of me.  Scope out the Crossfit tab on here for more information about Crossfit as a whole.

Onto the topic of paleo.  We eat 80% paleo 100% of the time (hubs even has the teeshirt!).  In reality we probably eat paleo more then that but sounds good right?  I don’t keep non-paleo things in the house because I have no self control and will eat them.  You will notice there are some “non” paleo things in recipes (cough::chocolate::cough) but such is life!  In all reality you can make most things paleo with some adjustment.  I am not a chef by any means but have gotten much better at cooking since going paleo.  The difference in how I feel when I am eating paleo vs. when I am not is amazing.  This friends is where the title of the blog came from, the scale is all over the place for me (yes I still weigh myself because what woman doesn’t?) but I have found the more important thing is how clothing fits, how I feel, and inches lost.

That is this blog and I in a nutshell.  Feel free to hit me up anytime!


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