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Fitbits…they are kind of like crack

So I decided to bite the bullet and get a Fitbit.  All the cool kids are doing it, it seemed like a fun way to concentrate on moving more when not at the gym, and a bunch of the amazing internet friends I have (we all have April babies) do weekly challenges.  Sounds all fun right?  What nobody told me is that if you are crazy competitive then this is NOT the toy for you.  Unfortunately, I am insanely competitive.

Lets start with I got it for a steal of a price!  Its a fitbit flex and was 60 bucks on groupon, then I used my ebates and got another 6% back.  I got the one where you can pick 3 bands and change them up (you know because I am fancy).  It took about 10 days to get here.  Then it sat in the drawer because I knew it would likely make me crazy once I started.  We had a bunch of stuff to get done so I figured come June I would pop it on.


I tossed it on Wednesday night to make sure it worked.  I didn’t do much other then set it up and go about my life.  Wednesday evening I took a whole 2,185 steps.  Well apparently this thing also tracks your sleep.  Guess what it confirmed…I sleep like crap!  Although I am trying to make sure I get at least 7 hours a night so it at least reminds me to close my eyes at a “reasonable” time (even if I am awake 33ish times a night).


Bring on Thursday.  It was a scheduled off day at the gym so I did a lot of walking circles through the house.  I set a goal of 10,000 steps a day but wanted to work up to it over a few days (not that I had any clue how far that was).  I was at about 5,000 around 4pm.  So I started going the long way…EVERYWHERE.  After the kiddo went to sleep I had to put away dishes and laundry.  It went like this: put away 1 dish, walk to bedroom, put away 1 shirt, walk to kitchen, put away 1 fork, walk to bedroom, put away 1 pair of socks….etc.  You see where this is going?  INSANITY!  Well I cleared just under 8,000 steps.  Not shabby for no gym or leaving the house (in 95 degrees or during the monsoon).


Well Ill be damned if by day 3 I wasn’t hitting 10K steps.  Thankfully, the wod involved 3 – 400m runs.  That should add some steps.  Then I took the kiddo for a mile walk after the wod.  That should add some steps.  Then I parked as far away as humanly possible at Walmart.  That should add some steps.  Then I parked as far away as I could everywhere.  Then I paced in circles like a crazy person waiting for the ATM (I can’t promise the guy in front of me didn’t think I was insane).  I walked in circles around the house.  I walked in circles when I coached at 445pm.  I walked the kid another 800 meters at the gym after the class I coached.  I hit 10,000 steps around 830pm.  BOOM!

Then I started a few challenges.  This is not going to help the obsession.  I must win!  Theres one rocking girl in my A15 group (moms with babies in April 2015 — catchy aren’t we?) who averages 12k steps a day.  She chases 4 kids around all day.  Apparently, she wins almost every week on their work week challenge.  I’m coming for her.  🙂


Then I realized something…WHEN THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO CHARGE THIS THING?  I wear it all day, I wear it to sleep (you know because how else will I know how lousy I slept), I wear it 24/7.  I am still trying to figure this out.  Its charging right now because I am sitting to write.  I guess it will get charged when I am going to sit for any period?  It seems to charge pretty quick but what do I know.

I also think it will be harder to get as many steps in on the weekends.  I see lots of walks (weather permitting), additional gym time, we will walk down the street to breakfast instead of driving most likely and then back to the gym on Saturday morning.

I do greatly appreciate that it makes me think more about moving my butt when I am not in the gym.  Its a friendly reminder that its the little things that can help us.  Park a little further away, go out of your way to help someone, be more active and outside with the kid, all the good stuff!

I do think it may drive me insane, but it will make me more active.  This will also help when we travel and I can necessarily get to a gym every day.  More walks on the beach, more walks in general, less driving.  All good stuff.

Do you have a fitbit?  Leave me your name and Ill add you!  We can challenge each other and I can drive myself further into a competition insanity.

And heres some cute just for fun!  These two were looking for the dog at the same time our amazing nanny rolled up.  Excitement all around!


Stay tuned later this weekend for a lemonade vodka that is (mostly) paleo and will rock your world!



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1st Birthday!

Our baby turned 1!  How has it been a year (and my ass is still in bad shape, probably worse then the day I delivered)?  We had so much fun and got to celebrate with friends and family.  We also had some amazing pictures taken.  Here are a few of his 1 year pics.  A55A44A33A20A3

That kid loves to open his mouth.  Of course we got him a smash cake made by my amazing friend.  He ate some; then he decided to “King Kong” it, and sit down.  He also shared with Daddy.

How did people plan parties before Pintrest?  I mean I guess I planned a wedding without it.  I definitely went all Pintrest on his party, and loved it.  Here are some party shots.

We had a blast.  It was pretty much a weekend long celebration.  Nick was able to fly home and my mom flew down last minute too.  We have amazing friends here in NC who came and stayed and made it so special.  Sorry, not sorry for the picture dump!

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Meal Planning + baby

I am lucky that Anthony eats pretty much everything.  He goes through spurts where he won’t eat certain things (this week its chicken) but mostly he eats anything and everything.  Thankfully, this makes meal planning pretty easy.  He eats what I eat.  I am back to meal planning consistently as of this week.  Someone does get a little impatient when he is not swiftly being fed (don’t mind the photo bombing cat).image2

For breakfast most days we do eggs and some meat.  Anthony has his at the gym (mostly because it entertains him).  I make him 2 eggs in a little circle and cut it like pizza (triangles) and he happily eats that in his stroller.  I also bring him lots of little snacks (fine motor skills, yo!); things like dried fruit, raisins, and plain chex (gluten free not paleo).  Then he has a bottle.  Can you say piggy?!  I do bacon and eggs and a protein shake when I get home.

Lunches now that it is just the two of us are often left overs from the night before, or sliced deli meat and avocado and fruit, or anything we have on hand.  Seriously, we do TONS of left overs.  When you make a whole meal and its a 10 month old and yourself it rarely gets finished.  This also makes lunch easy peasy.  Little man also loves him some uncured, all natural beef hot dogs.  He INHALES them.  Good kid food, still decent for him.


Dinners, I typically plan to make 4 different dinners during the week.  On Wednesdays we still do family dinner and have mexican (fajitas, just the meat, veggies, guac, and pico); Anthony usually has a shredded chicken taco and sliced avocado, or he inhales off my plate.  We do left overs on the “non-fresh” nights.  No point in wasting food.  Here is what this week looked like dinner wise.

Sunday: 5 ingredient spaghetti squash pizza from (I added diced chicken for more protein).  This was also lunch most of the week.

Monday: Grilled chicken, cauliflower rice, and steamed veggies.

Tuesday: left overs

Wednesday: family dinner

Thursday: Seared scallops, sweet potato, veggies

Friday: Tilapia, veggies, sweet potatoes

Saturday: BBQ grilled pork loin and veggies

Sunday: more leftovers


Since, I am trying to get food ready, entertain the baby, and keep the house in show ready condition we are living the simple life.  Going back to the basics is never a bad thing.  And really, Anthony doesn’t mind leftovers at all!  He is also seriously digging seafood these days.  Good news when we get up to Boston the seafood is sooooo much better!

As far as snacks go we do lots of fresh fruit, sometimes veggies, protein shakes (paleo protein, almond milk, frozen fruit), raisins, trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, whatever you please; I make a big bag and we have it all week), sliced avocado, sometimes a paleo treat like cookies or something.  Again, simple is good.  Things that I can throw in little containers is amazing incase we need to vacate the house quickly.

What are your go to meals?  What are the complex ones you love and are worth the time?  Next week I may get a little crazy early in the week but we will see.

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5 Month Hiatus

Remember that time 5 months ago I said I was going to get back in shape.  Yeah, meet that rollercoaster.  We are at the bottom again, but I guess that means there is no where to go but up.  There has been an abundance of things that have gone down, including laziness that have lead to abandoning this place.  However, I am back! (I know I say that a lot…in theory it is true this time).


In good news the little man has grown a TON!  At his 9 month appointment he was 30″ long and 22lbs 12 oz.  That my friends is 97th percentile for height, and 92nd for weight.  For a kid who couldn’t gain weight he sure is cruising now.  He’s such a happy guy.  He is sort of crawling, and walking behind his walker, and using all of these things to torment the dog and cat.  Its fun for everyone.  He says mama, dada, ball, book, and uh-oh.  He is so much fun and full of personality.  He met snow for the first time and was not so sure about that situation.

In addition to the crazy of work, raising a now almost 10 month old (how did that happen?!), and regular life stuff we’ve made a massive decision to pack up and move back to Boston.  Hubs got a fabulous job offer and we’ve decided to head back up north.  We will be selling the house and moving back to lots more white stuff.  Hubs has actually already headed up the end of January so I have been figuring out single mom life.  He came home last weekend and it was fabulous.  We are working to be together at least a few times a month.

Thankfully, we have an amazing support system in North Carolina.  Our friends and southern family have been superstars and ready to help anytime.  We are still doing family dinner and hanging out on the regular.  Here is a great shot from Nicks “last” family dinner.


I’ve been much better about being in the gym.  This week has been a train wreck as the little dude has been pretty sick so we are living day to day.  I am hopeful we get there tomorrow and all weekend.  Once we make the move up north I will have to find a new gym and that is going to be a struggle!  Especially to find a support system like the one we have here.

Speaking of the gym the open is coming!  How is it already that time of year already?  I will be doing it for the first time in 2 years if for no other reason then to kick my butt in gear.  I did compete the end of January with an amazing partner.  Of course, I woke up sick as a dog the day before the competition but we powered through.  And we didn’t finish last (this was the goal), and we didn’t die (secondary goal).  We did amazing at the lift workout and that was our best finish on the day at 13th.  My former snatch PR was 1 rep at 85 lbs; somehow after an exhausting day I pulled 3 off and quickly.  Scope out my RBF at the judge.  Whoops!


And with those updates I must get some sleep.  More to come this upcoming week.  We’ve started cloth diapering and I love it!  All the details on it and the plans for little mans first birthday party (2 month away!).  Also, some meal prep (we are living the life of quick and easy around here), workout details, and who knows what else!

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Train Wreck…

I won’t lie I have been eating like a horse…and not a good way!  Not counting macros, not even a little bit paleo, etc.  I have not been consistent at the gym.  2 weeks into the new lifting program my shoulder got sore, I kept working out, then it wouldn’t go over head.  My knee is jacked up for no particular reason (I suspect 4 months of nursing with my legs crossed under me) and I can’t squat well.  I have gained weight; by no means my biggest but not my smallest.  I am out of shape, I feel like crap, and that is reflective of my choices.  I’ve also started a new job and spent some good time on the road, which means I haven’t planned correctly and eaten whatever.

That is pretty much how I feel.  However, tomorrow is back to paleo.  I am hopeful that I have my supply and supplements regulated enough for breastfeeding that we should be ok, so fingers crossed.  Dairy has got to go.  Gluten has got to go.  I am hoping to go 100% paleo, but I can’t mess with my supply for it.  My backup plan is a bit of gluten free bread.  I am going to keep my macros at 40% carbs and make sure I get every bit of them in through veggies and fruit.

I also have to get my happy ass back to the gym consistently, because do you know what is easy?  Excuses are easy.  I can’t always go first thing in the morning anymore with my new work schedule.  Little man no longer sleeps as much, or through dropping weights so its 98% impossible to be there alone with him and actually WOD.  By 445 when others at the gym to help me I am exhausted or still at work.  I am committing to at least 4 days a week at this point.  If that means I need to drag my ass out of bed at 630 in the morning and go when the little dude is still asleep then so be it.  And I HATE the morning.

I will be tracking EVERYTHING on MFP; feel free to follow me over there if you want to see what I am eating.

In other news I’ve taken a new job, still in sales and so far its rocking’ my sox!  The little man is still little but finally made his way into the 1st percentile for weight at his 4 month appointment.  He weighed in at a big 12lbs.  The doc isn’t worried.  He is thriving overall and is fabulous!  He has the busiest schedule of any 4.5 month old I’ve met (read: we rotate who is watching him since hubs and I are both self employed these days).  Its like a jig-saw puzzle of who is going to have him when.  Don’t fret we’ve made him a google calendar.  Thankfully, we have the most amazing nanny in all of the land!

We’ve also started giving him baby food.  All paleo.  All homemade.  He is still getting 6 feedings a day of breast milk, and 2 feedings a day of baby food.  So far he has had sweet potato, chicken, and avocado.  Tomorrow we are going to give butternut squash a whirl.  This week also holds carrots and spinach!  We are mixing everything with olive oil to add some extra fat (problems I wish I had!).  Ill do a whole post on baby food paleo style!  He is pretty excited about it!


And some extra cuteness just to hold you over.

He has made best friends with Lady who is his protector!  She is the most tolerant dog ever.  A keeps yanking on her and she just sits with him patiently.


Thats what I’ve got for now!  Posts coming this week on baby food, and an update on eating by the end of the week!  Since little man is now going down for the night around 930/10 I have until midnight (when I pump) to do whatever I want!  I am hoping to channel lots of that here, into food prep, and some relax time!

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Birth Plan & Execution

Let me preface this with I strongly believe in everyones right to choose how they want to give birth.  You should do what you think is best for you and your baby.  Whether you want an epidural, non-medicated, repeat c-section, home birth, etc. its totally up to you!  Same thing for breastfeeding, formula feeding, using a bottle, and/or a binky.  I don’t want someone to tell me how to have my baby, and I would never do that to someone else.  Raise a respectful, happy kid and you’re doing it right in my book.  The debates between moms on this stuff is ridiculous!

Anywho!  I planned to do this post before I had little man but that clearly failed; so it is now a 2 for one.  I decided long ago that I wanted to try and have him without the use of any medication.  I did my research and decided this was likely the best option for me.  I read books, did research (not on google, blogs, and peoples opinions; in medical journals, from the CDC and ACOG), and ultimately we decided to take a class.  We opted for a Bradley class and it was fabulous.  The combination of these things allowed me to make good educated decisions about what our birth plan would be.  Hubs supported this 100%.  He did some good whining about classes but after we had Anthony he said it was totally worth and it really prepared him for what would happen.


Our ultimate goal was obviously a healthy baby and mom.  I wanted to be in a hospital for all the “just in cases'”.  In the event something was wrong I wanted to have doctors right there; with that being said I wanted to stay home as long as possible.  I knew I would be more relaxed at home in my own environment.  I could get in and out of the tub if I wanted, go for a walk, eat, drink, bounce on my birthing ball, and do what I wanted.  We devised a plan and wrote it out for when we got to the hospital.  At my 36 week appointment the doctor I saw approved it and said all looked good.  His exact words were “this looks good…I hope I am on call.  Non-medicated births are fun and badass”.  While I love all the docs at my practice I was secretly hoping he was on call that day (and he was!).

Here is my birth plan as it was written out (thankfully lots of these things were standard operating procedure at my hospital):

Our primary goal is a healthy mother and healthy baby.

We strongly believe in labor and delivery as a natural process. To ensure the health and safety of mother and baby we desire a non-medicated, safe, and natural labor and delivery experience.

Labor & Delivery

  • Assuming no complication, we prefer to labor without the assistance of labor stimulants or pain medication. If pain medication or stimulants are desire they will be requested, please do not offer them.
  • Please allow membranes to rupture naturally (no stripping of membranes during vaginal exam, or artificial rupture before or after labor begins). If medical team feels either are necessary please discuss options and medical indications beforehand.
  • Please no IV fluids during labor unless necessary for treatment of an abnormality. We plan to stay hydrated through oral fluids.
  • Although we understand some time on the electronic fetal monitor is unavoidable, please limit its use as much as possible in order to facilitate freedom of movement during labor. To ensure adequate monitoring of the baby, we would prefer intermittent auscultation per ACOG guidelines.
  • Please limit vaginal exams to admittance, during the pushing stage, and for specific medical indications only.
  • We would like access to shower during labor, and ask for freedom to labor (1st and 2nd stage) in whatever positions provide comfort and encourage progress.
  • During delivery, assuming no overriding complications, please do not perform a routine episiotomy. We prefer the risk of a tear to this surgical procedure.


  • Unless baby or mother is in crisis we wish for him to be delivered directly onto the mothers abdomen. Once the cord has stopped pulsing and been cut, we wish for the baby to be handed to father, at which time standard necessary infant exam may be done (APGAR and vitals check). Once the baby starts exhibiting breastfeeding cues we wish for the baby to breastfeed.
  • Please delay cord-clamping and cutting the cord until the cord has stopped pulsating and/or the placenta is delivered. When it is time to cut the cord we would like for Nick to cut it.
  • We wish to delay standard newborn procedures for at least one hour (weighing, measuring, bath, eye ointment, vit K, newborn exam, etc.) for the purpose of bonding.
  • Assuming there is no immediate threat to mother or baby’s health, we ask that the baby please delay any immunizations or routine tests required by law until after this bonding period.
  • Since we will be exclusively breastfeeding please do not give baby any bottles, rubber nipples, sugar water, etc. Please check with us before providing a pacifier.

We were excited about the plan and felt really good about it.  Per the Bradley class the plan was to leave for the hospital at “3-2-1 GO!”  Talk about easy for a crossfitter to remember huh?  That stands for contractions 3 minutes apart, for 2 hours, and 1 minute long…then you go to the hospital.


So how did it actually go down you ask?  My birth story as I recall it (some which was filled in by the hubs).  Be warned I use words like “discharge” and things below so stop reading if you are gonna be all “eeewww she said discharge!”

On April 22, I woke up at 3am cramping and thought maybe this was it but same thing happened last week and after working out everything stopped. I went back to sleep around 4:30 then got up like normal.  Told DH I thought maybe I was in labor but was going to go workout and coach my normal 9am class. I went to the gym and worked out with my normal people, still cramping which were apparently contractions 12-15 minutes apart. On the way home I stopped for gas and then decided to start cooking myself breakfast around 10:30.


I had just put bacon on the stove and thought maybe I peed some on myself or that it was discharge (happens when you are 9 months pregnant).  So, I changed out of my spandex and threw on mesh shorts.  3 minutes later I was like “ummmm I think my water broke” because I had a cramp then a trickle of fluid that ran down to my ankle.  I went and changed for the 3rd time in 10 minutes and was calm as could be. At 10:44 there was no question my water had broke as there was a huge gush and soaked through a pad, underwear, and my sweat pants.

I wanted to stay at home as long as possible and figured we had lots of time.  By the time I had finished breakfast my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart but only 30-45 seconds long. Our plan was to leave when they were 3 minutes apart and at least a minute long consistently for about 2 hours.

I decided I would shave my legs and take a bath at around 1130am. I made it through shaving my legs and decided to get in the shower and wash my hair and such instead of just hanging out in the tub, as sitting was not comfortable. We called the doctors office since I had an appointment at 1:30 (which is why the hubs was home from work). They said if my water broke I could go to labor and delivery but if I could still talk through contractions we could wait a bit longer.

I was very happy to be laboring on my hands and knees.  At some point the dog was outside and heard me moan and proceeded to scream and cry till hubs let her in.  She proceeded to lay next to me as calm as could be until we left.

Around 1pm DH loaded the car and we decided we probably needed to leave.  Little to say that was a bit too late.  We got to hospital at 1:39 (official check in time), and there was no question I was in full transition in the car. At some point I told DH I thought I was going to throw up, we quickly learned my new SUV takes corners well at a pretty good speed.  They sent me to triage to make sure water had broken.  Keep in mind I was on my hands and knees at admissions and it was clear I was in labor. There was another woman likely in early labor hanging out in a wheel chair and as I was on my hands and knees she looked terrified (oops).

They checked me and I was 7cm and they sent me immediately down to labor and delivery; they made me stay in the bed and I was not happy about it.  My doc was in surgery.  I told DH I wanted the drugs at that point because I was having constant contractions, and they clearly hurt!  Thankfully he was like give it 15 minutes and if you still want them you have to be the one to ask the doctor.

The doc got there the first words out of my mouth were “Dr. XYZ this sucks!! Give me the epidural”.  He laughed and was like “ummm no and that’s not what you wanted and you know it”. He wanted to check me and before he cold get gloves on I was insisting the baby was coming NOW!”

Doc was like let me check and we will see.  He was like “yup he is right there”.  The nurses hardly had time to drop the table, get new gloves on my doc, and get everything ready. Baby was out 10 min later.  I think I pushed like 12 times and that was over 4 contractions.  At some point towards the end I was like screw waiting for a contraction and I asked if I could just push him out before the contraction. The doc was like you do what you want.  I pushed that final time and he was here.

We were going to delay cord clamping but baby pooped on the way out so we couldn’t. DH cut the cord and Anthony was screaming. 7lb 9oz and 21” long. He is perfect. I made hubs go count his fingers because he would never show them. Then hubs brought him to me.  I was admitted at 1:39 and had him at 2:24 so things moved very fast! Lesson learned I labor fast so go a bit earlier! I am thrilled to have gone med-free and only had a slight tear and only 4 stitches.


I’ve had an amazing recovery and feel great.  I am very fortunate to have had a non-complicated pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.  I really attest most of that to staying in good shape, not over eating, and being logical and making good decisions when pregnant.  We were discharged 26 hours after I was admitted and we were thrilled to go home.

Now for some serious cuteness in the last week.

image3Hubs and Anthony right after delivery

The day we got home…I was a little sleepy and had been up 37 hours!

Nap time for Anthony, he is a snuggle bug for sure!

Please tell me again how the dog is going to try to eat him.  They are BFFs already.

Seriously this kid is super alert and expressive!

He is breast feeding like a champ!  We have chosen to exclusively breast feed before introducing a bottle between 3 and 4 weeks.  That way hubs can feed him too.  I am not WODing until the 11th and it will be easy and light until I am officially cleared by the doctor on the 18th.  We are back to eating super strict paleo as of yesterday (exactly to my plan of home and situated for 10 days then back at it).  I know I’ve lost a lot of muscle and have some pounds to shed but in time.  I am focusing on diet for now and then hitting the gym hard again once I am cleared.  I am also pretty sure my boobs weigh 10 pounds currently.  I am up about 11 pounds from pre-pregnancy but again theres lots of muscle to put back on; and its not about the scale.  Heres a picture from 2 days before I delivered and 2 days after for comparison.


More posts soon on getting back in the swing of things, food, goals, and much more!  What are your goals?  Tell me about some short term ones, long term ones.  They don’t have to be huge they just have to be something to strive for.

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Nursery and Maternity Pics

This one is going to be picture heavy so get ready!  I figured I would put the almost completed nursery post and my maternity picture shoot in one post.  (Note I say almost completed because I still haven’t finished his quilt — seems like a good project for this upcoming weekend assuming I am not having him).  Thus, get ready for some picture vomit.

Once we found out we were having a boy the nursery theme debate was on.  DH likes more of a kid theme and I wanted something that didn’t scream baby, that we would end up re-doing in a few years.  He likes very classic traditional things, and I am more of a shapes, colors, and lines kinda gal.  We ultimately decided on what I call a “subtle nautical theme”.  I didn’t want it full of cartoony boats and such but we both were on board with nautical (see what I did there…ha!).

We also decided to pretty much gut the room and start from scratch.  Since we’ve moved into the house the room to become the nursery has sat empty.  It was painted a grey/blue color I hated, the people who lived here before us just painted around where they had book shelves, and it had carpet that was pretty nasty.  See before pictures:

image3 image2

image1 image4

Not real pretty thats for sure!  So we ripped out the carpets with the help of my Dad when they were down here in October.  In January DH and I spent more weekends then I care to acknowledge putting in new hardwood floors.  2.5″ boards at a time.  He did most of the hard work and I was master of the saw.  Lesson learned: laying hardwood floor sucks.

I also couldn’t find wall art I liked.  Solution…make it all.  We were gifted a glider which is amazing because those bad boys aren’t cheap.  However, it didn’t match anything.  Solution…sand, strip, stain, recover.  The curtains I liked were $180 bucks…hell to the no!  Solution…learn to make curtains (this cost me $32 to make black out curtains).  See how the projects kept piling up?  Thankfully, we have some amazing friends who helped us get all these things done.  I can’t tell you how many craft weekends, building nights, and assembly days we had.  Pretty much everything in the nursery is custom done by us or someone we know with the exception of the big furniture which our families gave us for Christmas.  We also re-used lots of awesome things from my baby shower as room decor.

image6Shot from the doorway of the whole room.


Awesome wall art that is custom done after some serious trial and error.  Its exactly what I wanted.  I have a very talented friend who created this.  Once we get our etsy shop opened up it will be available for people to place custom orders!


I wanted to pull different fabrics from the room into one space so I came up with these.  Hubs stained the letters to match all the wood in the room.  Easy project!  Also will be available on etsy once we are up and running.


Toy box we ordered and then created a slip cover for the cushions I bought.  It matches the glider fabric.


The refinished glider, curtains, and custom made alphabet.  “AMR” are in red because those are his initials.  Again, an easy project I did because I refused to pay $200 for it off the internet.  I think it cost me around $40 for the letters and some paint (plus lots of time).


The book wall.  This is probably my favorite thing in the whole room.  I love books and always have.  Its the first thing I bought for him (books).  I wanted to display them some fun way.  Logistically in the room there was no good way to get full book shelves in there.  I convinced Hubs to build these “shelves” in the wall on the white stripes.  It literally looks like they are floating.  He painted and installed them with the help of another amazing friend.  I adore them more then anything!  This was Hubs’ last project in the nursery (after I kept dreaming up more for him to do).

(All the rest of the pictures in this post were taken by my amazing friend and photographer.)


Cute little boat from my shower.  In it we put the spoon and fork with Anthony’s name on it he gave me for Christmas.


Life preserver that was signed by everyone at my shower.  Makes for great wall decor.


Hubs got this little skyline nicknack from the airport on one of our trips to Boston.


Corner shelves, with more decor from the shower.


His closet all sorted and ready to go.  I made the hangers to sort by size very early in my pregnancy, and they are gender neutral.  I dig them.  I am going to label the baskets as well.

So if he were to show up tomorrow (which I would be totally fine with) we have things ready for him.  We’ve also put the pack n’ play in our room where I plan to have him sleep for the first 4 weeks or so.  I also have a rocking chair in there.  And lets be clear at 39 weeks and 2 days he is welcome to join us anytime!

Now for part 2 of this post.  It took me a long time before I was “obviously” pregnant.  Read: I was probably 7ish months before it was clear.  I had originally scheduled my maternity shoot for 33 weeks.  Then had to postpone because I didn’t look pregnant enough and didn’t want to just look chunky.


33ish weeks

I moved them to 35 weeks…yup still questionably pregnant.  Again, I wanted it to be obvious.  36 weeks…same problem.

image1-2  image4-2

At 37 weeks it was pretty much do or die time.  I didn’t want to keep waiting to get bigger in case he decided to make an appearance early (clearly, he will not be).  Thankfully, Paige is a good friend so my constant re-scheduling didn’t seem to make her totally nuts.  As an aside if you are in the Charlotte area and need pictures for anything I beyond recommend her.  She is amazing!  Check her out here.

We decided to do some quick shots in the nursery, some at the gym obviously, and then some down on a friends land.  This took some convincing to get Hubs to give in to this but he did.  The results are amazing!  Here are just some of my favorites (she gave me 117 pictures…its a lot to pick from).


Because all babies need this book.  My awesome cousins got it.


“Make Way For Ducklings” a Boston must have even though we live in the south.

DSC_3801 DSC_3816

Does she look pathetic?  So many funny captions to be done here.

DSC_3826 DSC_3832 DSC_3845 DSC_3921 DSC_3939 DSC_3985 DSC_4012 DSC_4032 DSC_4048 DSC_4055

“Do something funny”…this is what he came up with.

DSC_4078 DSC_4086 DSC_4101

I am in love with them all!  I am pretty sure I am going to get the one with the water behind us printed on a canvas for the house.  So many decisions.  Paige is truly amazing, as I usually hate all pictures of myself.  I can’t wait to see the newborn pictures of Anthony she is going to do.

Post coming up soon: working out pregnant and scaling, birth plans, and hopefully a post on the arrival of little man!

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