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Fitbits…they are kind of like crack

So I decided to bite the bullet and get a Fitbit.  All the cool kids are doing it, it seemed like a fun way to concentrate on moving more when not at the gym, and a bunch of the amazing internet friends I have (we all have April babies) do weekly challenges.  Sounds all fun right?  What nobody told me is that if you are crazy competitive then this is NOT the toy for you.  Unfortunately, I am insanely competitive.

Lets start with I got it for a steal of a price!  Its a fitbit flex and was 60 bucks on groupon, then I used my ebates and got another 6% back.  I got the one where you can pick 3 bands and change them up (you know because I am fancy).  It took about 10 days to get here.  Then it sat in the drawer because I knew it would likely make me crazy once I started.  We had a bunch of stuff to get done so I figured come June I would pop it on.


I tossed it on Wednesday night to make sure it worked.  I didn’t do much other then set it up and go about my life.  Wednesday evening I took a whole 2,185 steps.  Well apparently this thing also tracks your sleep.  Guess what it confirmed…I sleep like crap!  Although I am trying to make sure I get at least 7 hours a night so it at least reminds me to close my eyes at a “reasonable” time (even if I am awake 33ish times a night).


Bring on Thursday.  It was a scheduled off day at the gym so I did a lot of walking circles through the house.  I set a goal of 10,000 steps a day but wanted to work up to it over a few days (not that I had any clue how far that was).  I was at about 5,000 around 4pm.  So I started going the long way…EVERYWHERE.  After the kiddo went to sleep I had to put away dishes and laundry.  It went like this: put away 1 dish, walk to bedroom, put away 1 shirt, walk to kitchen, put away 1 fork, walk to bedroom, put away 1 pair of socks….etc.  You see where this is going?  INSANITY!  Well I cleared just under 8,000 steps.  Not shabby for no gym or leaving the house (in 95 degrees or during the monsoon).


Well Ill be damned if by day 3 I wasn’t hitting 10K steps.  Thankfully, the wod involved 3 – 400m runs.  That should add some steps.  Then I took the kiddo for a mile walk after the wod.  That should add some steps.  Then I parked as far away as humanly possible at Walmart.  That should add some steps.  Then I parked as far away as I could everywhere.  Then I paced in circles like a crazy person waiting for the ATM (I can’t promise the guy in front of me didn’t think I was insane).  I walked in circles around the house.  I walked in circles when I coached at 445pm.  I walked the kid another 800 meters at the gym after the class I coached.  I hit 10,000 steps around 830pm.  BOOM!

Then I started a few challenges.  This is not going to help the obsession.  I must win!  Theres one rocking girl in my A15 group (moms with babies in April 2015 — catchy aren’t we?) who averages 12k steps a day.  She chases 4 kids around all day.  Apparently, she wins almost every week on their work week challenge.  I’m coming for her.  🙂


Then I realized something…WHEN THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO CHARGE THIS THING?  I wear it all day, I wear it to sleep (you know because how else will I know how lousy I slept), I wear it 24/7.  I am still trying to figure this out.  Its charging right now because I am sitting to write.  I guess it will get charged when I am going to sit for any period?  It seems to charge pretty quick but what do I know.

I also think it will be harder to get as many steps in on the weekends.  I see lots of walks (weather permitting), additional gym time, we will walk down the street to breakfast instead of driving most likely and then back to the gym on Saturday morning.

I do greatly appreciate that it makes me think more about moving my butt when I am not in the gym.  Its a friendly reminder that its the little things that can help us.  Park a little further away, go out of your way to help someone, be more active and outside with the kid, all the good stuff!

I do think it may drive me insane, but it will make me more active.  This will also help when we travel and I can necessarily get to a gym every day.  More walks on the beach, more walks in general, less driving.  All good stuff.

Do you have a fitbit?  Leave me your name and Ill add you!  We can challenge each other and I can drive myself further into a competition insanity.

And heres some cute just for fun!  These two were looking for the dog at the same time our amazing nanny rolled up.  Excitement all around!


Stay tuned later this weekend for a lemonade vodka that is (mostly) paleo and will rock your world!



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Because I now live in the south this is clearly a mandatory post!  Lets all keep in mind I was born and raised in Boston where it snows like a mofo 4 months a year.  They were calling for snow, real deal, legit snow on Tuseday here in NC.  Well party people…I am happy to report we got it.  Tuesday evening didn’t do a much. Hubs was home from work on Wednesday after an hour drive about 2pm (its normally 25-30 minutes).  It snows from Wednesday morning until Tuesday at about 3pm.  We got 10ish inches.  It is awesome.  Other then the fact I am still snowed in at the house because today Hubs went back to work and took the truck.

IMG_5215(our front yard)

The main roads are fine and clear but we live in the back of a neighborhood that doesn’t get plowed or treated at all.  Therefore we wait for it to melt (don’t worry its calling for 70’s next week).  Yesterday was a ball!  This is what our road looks like still!


A crew of us decided to venture out in trucks and go to the gym.  So we snow WOD’d.  We did 3 rounds of 10 goblet squats, 100m sprint, 10 sumo deadlift high pulls, 100m sprint.  But first we posed!


We’ve got some great video…check it out over on instagram.  What!?  You don’t’ follow me….well get to it screwthescale1.  3 of us actually did the WOD but she was taking these pics.  Then we had to teach the kids to play in the snow correctly!  Michelle is also from up north so we know how to roll!  So we tied the sled to the back of the truck and spent 2 hours running laps through the neighborhood.

(Michelle and I gearing up for a record pull of 2 blocks)

One of the kids with 2 of us on the tailgate)

While we were out pulling around behind the truck we found a guy who’s pickup was stuck about 200 yards from his house.  He asked us to sit on the tailgate to weigh it down so he could get it unstuck (ummmm?).   So you bet your ass I looked at him and went “Get in the truck put it in neutral….we crossfit we will push you home!”  And that my friends is what we did!  Here we are right after the truck push for time.  Our new friend was very happy with us.  Crossfit for the win!

IMG_5230(Joe, Me, Jessica, Hubs)

We all had a blast!  Its amazing to me that we had to teach the kids to make snowballs, angels, forts, etc.  Guess when you grow up with it take it fore granted.  A few more pictures of snowy fun for you!

Snow fort our neighbors were building…all adults…with cases of beer behind it! A+)

Because in the south we have tractors not plow trucks!)

Happy Snowmageddon people!  Now it can go away and I am good for about 10 years!


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Respect the Turkey!

Be warned people I am about to get on a soap box.  Let me tell you what really grinds my gears….the fact that Christmas starts 5 second after Halloween.  Anyone who knows me in real life will tell you that it enrages me that people have no respect for the turkey.  Recognize that when I say “respect the turkey”, I mean acknowledge Thanksgiving and what it really means.


Lets think about this for a hot second.  We dress up kids and send them door to door and asking for candy (don’t get me wrong I love Halloween!!), then BAM we immediately start talking about Christmas and what they want to get again.  People, we are skipping the importance of what the holiday season is about….giving thanks, helping people, reaching out to those who need it.  It shouldn’t be about getting stuff, trampling each other in the stores for the best deals, or going bat shit crazy to save 13 cents.

I am pretty vocal about my “Respect the Turkey” campaign.  One of the gym people called me last week and said that they were in a store and her little girl (who is 6 and amazing) looked at all the Christmas stuff and asked her “Mom, why don’t people love Thanksgiving?”.  That my friends is what I am talkin’ about!  Love you some Thanksgiving!

I can not stand when the stores put up their Christmas stuff 23 seconds after Halloween is over — know what I do?  Avoid them as best I can.  Call me a scrooge but lets take this one holiday at a time.  Last week the salvation army people were everywhere, in Santa hats, saying “Merry Christmas”….wtf?!  I get it they are trying to do good things (politics out of it); but it made me want to take their bell and beat them over the head with it.

Don’t rush life.  Slow down.  Give thanks (not the bullshit “I am thankful for….” shove some turkey in your pie hole, and fall asleep on the couch thanks; real thanks.  Sit and appreciate what you already have not what you might get next month).  It makes me want to throw my wine glass through the TV every commercial I see about Christmas shopping.  Seriously people, settle the hell down.


Its our fault the stores are opening on Thanksgiving….if you go they are gonna open.  You spend what 3 days a year with your family?  And now you are going to run out and shop?  Settle down!  Respect the turkey.  Develop some traditions.  Teach your kids that its not about what they get, but what they can give.  Families can make you crazy but it is what they do.  Suck up the day and spend it with them.


I don’t do black Friday…never have…never will.  I don’t like shopping as it is; I have no desire to be run down by crazy people.  Know what I do?  Cyber Monday!  Know why?  Its after Thanksgiving and then I can think about Christmas.

Our thanksgiving traditions are pretty badass and what I hope we do for a long time.  When we have kids I hope we continue to do them and they learn to respect the turkey (lets be real, they stand little chance of not respecting the turkey growing up with me).  Hubs and I come to the beach for the week.  Its real expensive to fly back home for both holidays so we spend the money on renting a house.  We invite everyone and anyone who wants to come (we’ve always done Friendsgiving before we started coming to the beach).  I still cook dinner every night, we eat well, we hang out, enjoy each others company.  Yes, we bring the dog and the cat.  They are part of the family too.  We take naps, drink too much coffee, wine, and scotch.  We watch movies, workout, and just relax.  Thanksgiving morning we get up early, make breakfast, and watch the parade.  This is the first sight of Santa for me and that is okay.  After the parade we cook full paleo thanksgiving dinner.  I do all the sides and desserts and hubs deep fry’s a turkey on the beach.  Then we eat.  Its always amazing, and peaceful, and we don’t feel like junk afterwards because its generally pretty good for you still.  Thanksgiving night to welcome the Christmas season we watch elf.  Its always on tv and my favorite (when the time is right).  Don’t worry we call our families in Boston (and are sure to bring up the fact we are at the beach and they should come next year).

What do you do for Thanksgiving?  Is it a small group or the whole gang?  What cool traditions do you have?  What ones do you want to start?


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Hey All!  Good news we survived camping.  It was chilly the first night but nothing a tent heater didn’t fix (aka it got so damn warm in there I was down to a sports bra and yoga pants).  The second night was insanely windy…like we got in tents at 10:30 because we had wind burn.  Overall, was a fun trip and we will definitely go again!  Somehow I managed to take no pictures.  WTF self!? It was cold and my hands were generally in gloves or on a beer.

We went to the Pats game on Monday.  That my friends was a blast!  We maybe started pre-tailgating at 2pm, then tailgating, then the game.  It was excellent!  Little to say I did not make the gym yesterday.  Oops!  We had some of the gym guys over to tailgate and his only statement about this situation was “Damn you Yankees sure know how to party!”  Heck yeah we do!  Its Pats football…its what we do!  Here we are in the parking lot having some serious fun.
We are headed off to the beach for a week on Saturday.  It is where we spend Thanksgiving and it is amazing.  Thus, I will have lots of time to blog!  Get ready for some of my favorite recipes (from others), Thanksgiving paleo style, and the reason I started using my fitness pal; and maybe if I get crazy a random photo dump.  I also swear there is a house post coming but I don’t want to jinx anything until we have keys in hand which is crazy soon!!

For now get your butts in the gym and eat well…don’t let the holidays kill you!

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I’m baaaacckkk!!

People being sick this go around kicked the crap out of me!  We are doing a burpee challenge and I missed enough days and ended up 400 behind.  Know what sucks?  Being 400 burpees behind.  I caught up.  Now I am behind again.  Epic Fail!

Last Monday I went back to the gym.  All I did was warm up, pull up work, and burpees. I couldn’t catch my breath, I was wheezing, but I did it.  Slowly but surely.  I did the same thing Tuesday.  Wednesday I started WODing again.  I am still not back 100%; maybe like 90%?

I dropped a total of 10 lbs from being sick.  I am trying to keep them off (ish); apparently eating again will bring about 3 back.  I know I owe you guys measurements.  Because the scale is a liar…a dirty lying whore.  True story!  I definitely look smaller post sickness so I will take it.

Just wanted to drop a quick update and let you know I am alive and back to the blogging world.  My cousin has been in town this week so we are doing fun things.  Fun things to be defined as: crossfitting, massages, family dinner, a trip to the beach, etc.  Updates to come soon!

Oh and as always…


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