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Sometimes its about the things you hate

So I had a kid.  I made a lot of excuses.  I fell out of shape.  I’ve been fighting to get back in shape.  Im working hard in the kitchen.  So I thought to myself, crossfit is great but maybe I should try something else and it’ll help me across the board.  Then I thought what are the things I hate the most.  The list was as follows:

  • running
  • burpees
  • Open WOD 14.5 (and subsequently 16.5)

So I decided I didn’t want to do a million burpees a day and while that has its benefits its probably not the most beneficial overall.  So running it was (I sure as hell wasn’t doing burpees and thrusters…nope).  And let me be very clear…I hate running.  I am not one who gets runners high.  I especially hate running while pushing a stroller (because leaving your baby on the street corner is frowned upon).  The good news is my kid loves the gym, the stroller, going for walks and/or runs, and does not care at all if its 110 degrees outside.


I guess when you run with a stroller its like resistance training too?  Because let me tell you running uphill, pushing a stroller with a 30ish pound baby in it isn’t easy!  So I decided to sucker one of the other gym girls into this and landed on doing the 8 week program count to 5k (aka C25K).  Lots of people seem to have had serious success with this so I figured what the heck.

We started week 3 today and survived (which is obviously what this is about).  We are trying to take different routes everyday to mix up the scenery.  We run Monday, Wednesday, Friday (I wont lie this also helps my Fitbit numbers like WOAH!).  Today we got the bright idea to run before the WOD (which also had running) epically bad idea!

The morale of the story its about being functional.  Stepping outside your comfort zone.  If we all only practice the things that come easy to us or we enjoy you wont get better.  To get better you gotta step outside your comfort zone, amp up your training in new and creative ways, and kick some ass while doing it!

Even the little man is learning to do new and fun things.  He may not be walking proficiently but he sure is climbing everywhere!  Everyone around here is trying new things and working on what we aren’t that great at…yet!


What are you doing to step outside your fitness comfort zone?  If the answer is nothing I challenge you to get out there and do something new and different.  Play a sport, go for some extra walks, join a pure barre class, get an app with daily fitness challenges (there are billions).


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Travel and Paleo

So its no secret we travel A LOT these days.  Read every trip without a delay is 6 hours and a  girls gotta eat.  Both little guy and I would be VERY hangry if we go 6 hours without food.  Figure its an hour in the car to the airport, 2 hours at the airport, 2 hour flight, 1 hour ride to wherever we are going.  We generally take a 12pm flight out and a 3pm flight back.  And since you can’t bring tons through security (nor do I want to carry it) we are stuck with airport food and small snacks.


At this point I think I’ve got this down.  Here is what our travel day food and schedule look like:

8am: wake up kiddo and feed him a quick easy breakfast.  We both usually just inhale 2 eggs and some quick breakfast meat.

9/930am: leave for airport and drive.  Drink coffee (or someone wont survive), give the kiddo a pouch (I like the all organic ones with nothing else in them check the ingredients and stock up on sale).

1030am: get through TSA (we got pre-check and its the bomb diggity.  If you travel any amount get this.  Worth the $85 for 5 years for sure).

11am: through security.  Get a significant snack and hang out.  Significant snack is a quest bar (I pack), fruit (I buy), and sometimes a deconstructed sandwich (this last week we got Starbucks (there isn’t a Dunkin Donuts in our airport) breakfast sandwich with meat and no cheese and didn’t eat the bread).

12pm: on the plane, I distract the kid with some non-paleo animal crackers (its a plane treat he will survive!) and/or some gluten free organic veggie sticks (not perfect but ah well).

2pm: we land and head out and immediately hit up some lunch somewhere on the way to the apartment.

I also pack some trail mix in a sandwich baggie for emergencies.  You know because a lack of food is CLEARLY an emergency.


Headed back on an afternoon flight its pretty similar except we eat lunch in the airport.  I have found that bars are actually the best option.  They tend to have real good sandwiches.  Last week we got Boston Beer Works.  I had the grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and all the fixings (lettuce, tomato, pickles….nothing crazy) with sweet potato fries.  Little man had a hot dog (no bun) and broccoli.  Don’t worry we shared sides.  Then we grab dinner as soon as we get back home.  I also pack similar snacks or use whatever we didnt eat on the way up.

Remember, you can generally always find something thats paleo (or damn close) it just takes some thought and prep.  I pull buns off things all the time (or just order without).  Added bonus you don’t feel like crap when flying.

I am super lucky in that the little guy tends to sleep for at least an hour on the flight.  So I just watch some tv or snooze myself.  He is also big on flirting with anyone around us and staring behind to scope out the people.  Last flight there were two cute little girls he flirted with while he was awake.  “HI GIRLS!!!” over and over.  They humored him and had fun (they were probably 7 and 10).  Some pics for fun!


PS – I know I promised vodka lemonade and I didn’t forget.  Its coming but I haven’t made it lately.

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1st Birthday!

Our baby turned 1!  How has it been a year (and my ass is still in bad shape, probably worse then the day I delivered)?  We had so much fun and got to celebrate with friends and family.  We also had some amazing pictures taken.  Here are a few of his 1 year pics.  A55A44A33A20A3

That kid loves to open his mouth.  Of course we got him a smash cake made by my amazing friend.  He ate some; then he decided to “King Kong” it, and sit down.  He also shared with Daddy.

How did people plan parties before Pintrest?  I mean I guess I planned a wedding without it.  I definitely went all Pintrest on his party, and loved it.  Here are some party shots.

We had a blast.  It was pretty much a weekend long celebration.  Nick was able to fly home and my mom flew down last minute too.  We have amazing friends here in NC who came and stayed and made it so special.  Sorry, not sorry for the picture dump!

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5 Month Hiatus

Remember that time 5 months ago I said I was going to get back in shape.  Yeah, meet that rollercoaster.  We are at the bottom again, but I guess that means there is no where to go but up.  There has been an abundance of things that have gone down, including laziness that have lead to abandoning this place.  However, I am back! (I know I say that a lot…in theory it is true this time).


In good news the little man has grown a TON!  At his 9 month appointment he was 30″ long and 22lbs 12 oz.  That my friends is 97th percentile for height, and 92nd for weight.  For a kid who couldn’t gain weight he sure is cruising now.  He’s such a happy guy.  He is sort of crawling, and walking behind his walker, and using all of these things to torment the dog and cat.  Its fun for everyone.  He says mama, dada, ball, book, and uh-oh.  He is so much fun and full of personality.  He met snow for the first time and was not so sure about that situation.

In addition to the crazy of work, raising a now almost 10 month old (how did that happen?!), and regular life stuff we’ve made a massive decision to pack up and move back to Boston.  Hubs got a fabulous job offer and we’ve decided to head back up north.  We will be selling the house and moving back to lots more white stuff.  Hubs has actually already headed up the end of January so I have been figuring out single mom life.  He came home last weekend and it was fabulous.  We are working to be together at least a few times a month.

Thankfully, we have an amazing support system in North Carolina.  Our friends and southern family have been superstars and ready to help anytime.  We are still doing family dinner and hanging out on the regular.  Here is a great shot from Nicks “last” family dinner.


I’ve been much better about being in the gym.  This week has been a train wreck as the little dude has been pretty sick so we are living day to day.  I am hopeful we get there tomorrow and all weekend.  Once we make the move up north I will have to find a new gym and that is going to be a struggle!  Especially to find a support system like the one we have here.

Speaking of the gym the open is coming!  How is it already that time of year already?  I will be doing it for the first time in 2 years if for no other reason then to kick my butt in gear.  I did compete the end of January with an amazing partner.  Of course, I woke up sick as a dog the day before the competition but we powered through.  And we didn’t finish last (this was the goal), and we didn’t die (secondary goal).  We did amazing at the lift workout and that was our best finish on the day at 13th.  My former snatch PR was 1 rep at 85 lbs; somehow after an exhausting day I pulled 3 off and quickly.  Scope out my RBF at the judge.  Whoops!


And with those updates I must get some sleep.  More to come this upcoming week.  We’ve started cloth diapering and I love it!  All the details on it and the plans for little mans first birthday party (2 month away!).  Also, some meal prep (we are living the life of quick and easy around here), workout details, and who knows what else!

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100 Happy Days

So about 97 days ago I enlisted in this project called “100 Happy Days” on Instagram.  Pretty much you post a picture every day for 100 days of something that day that made you happy. It looked and sounded pretty fun, and I figured heck its 1 picture a day for 100 days.  Its actually turned out to be a pretty cool project and I’ve had some good fun with it.

Logo from #100happydaysd

You can find the website here.  They did some “research” (I am not one to tell you the reliability and validity of it) and people reported all sorts of cool things.  Increased happiness, being in a better mood, etc.  Oddly, 71% of people failed at the challenge (didn’t make it all 100 days).  I think I missed one day, realized it, and posted at 2am the following day along with the post for that day.

I encourage you to give this project a try.  I will say it did make me reflect even if for a moment or two of the things in my life I am incredibly thankful for.  Scope it out on instagram.  My user name is screwthescale1. You can also search #100happydays and see all sorts of ones from people which is really cool too.

I am almost bummed this project is about to end and I may do it again once Baby R gets here.  I’ve also thought of doing 100 days of him, or something of the like.  Social networking is such a cool thing sometimes!

In other things, have you signed up for the open?

Yes?!  Good for you!!  No??? Why the heck not?!  You should get to it immediately.  Thursday is the release of the first WOD.  Its a great way to challenge and push yourself; not to mention see where you stack up.


The nursery is getting close to done so look for a post on that soon.  Other upcoming posts will include: my new etsy shop (which has taken up some good time), food on the run, food planning for the first month when baby R arrives, labor and delivery plan, and some other good stuff!

Seriously, sign up for the open!!  Do #100happydays!  Have some fun!


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Remember all that cool stuff I used to be able to do?  You know like doubleunders, flip upside down and rock out some handstand push ups, pull ups.  All that stuff I busted my ass to get.  Spent hours practicing and fighting through whip marks, falling on my head, and torn hands….yup well most of it is sad these days and that is frustrating.

Let me be clear in saying that yes, I am aware I am 29+ weeks pregnant!  I am still crossfitting on my regular rotation of 3 on 1 off.  However, I can’t lie to you and say that there are days when I don’t want to throw things across the gym and give up until after this baby comes out because I feel like all the progress I’ve made has been shot to hell in a hand basket.  Dramatic?  Yeah probably.  After days like today I feel about like this regarding the gym:

Because well I am classy like that.  So todays workout was:

5 rft

20 box jumps
20 back squat #95/65
20 push press #95/65
20 sit ups

Long…yes!  Gonna suck…yes!  I decided to scale to #55 because squats are tough with my hips continuing to widen.  Well post round 2 I thought I was gonna hit the floor.  Not like the normal “crossfit sucks and I wanna quit” but went ice cold, things went black and the room was spinning I may fall out right here.  I decided to call it quits mid-round 3.  That makes me feel like a quitter.  Yes, it was the right call.  There is no need at 7+ months pregnant to get to that point in a workout and I am not about to risk the health of the baby.  So for the first time in 3 years of crossfit I didn’t finish the WOD.  I then sat there for a good while and fought busting into tears (and I am not a crier).  I didn’t want to cry because I was sad but because I was frustrated.  Then I had to take a step back and remember that I am 7+ months pregnant and still crossfitting.  Clearly, I need to cut myself some slack.

Do you know what?  Tomorrow is another day.  Its day 3 in the cycle.  I will eat something before I go in the morning.  I will drink more water tonight.  I will get in there and kick ass as much as my pregnant self can.  Do you know why?  Because I owe it to myself and this baby to be as healthy as possible.  Because labor is gonna suck worse then most WODs (maybe all WODs but that will be determined later).  Because I want Baby R to go to school one day and be this kid:

In happier news I had my 28 week appointment last week.  I’ve gained a total of 20 lbs and am measuring right on track to slightly ahead.  The doc was impressed at my abs (seriously, nobody has ever been impressed by them), this made me smile…I just laughed and said “I crossfit”.  They want me to gain around 11 more before the end of this and I am good with that.  I don’t necessarily look like I have gained 20 lbs and it is mostly baby (yup, I’ve eaten non-paleo….shit happens and that is clear based on the potential of love handles coming back).

We have started birth classes and I have found them to be super helpful and interesting.  More to come in that department later.  The nursery is coming along fantastically and Hubs has done an amazing job in there.  Also my amazing friend who is super talented has been making lots of cool things for Baby R and I’ve managed to talk her into opening a shop on Etsy.  So if you know someone who is pregnant or has kids/babies and need some awesome custom stuff check it out here.  We are still working to get everything up and going on there so check back regularly.

How do you deal with gym frustration?  What are your mental barriers?

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Slacker status!

Put me down for slacker status!  I don’t know how its already been 2 months.  Can I blame that I’ve been busy growing this human?  I’ve got a bunch of random updates for ya!

Lets start with the important stuff.  Crossfit!  I am still crossfitting.  I’ve scaled some weights but generally carrying on as usual at 25 weeks.  My times are definitely slower (see diet update below), and there are days when I get super frustrated because my body won’t do things it used to.  Honestly, squats have been my biggest issue.  I’ve got some pelvic soreness and I am way forward thanks to gravity (and boobs that have shown up).  Pull ups have also gotten real tough.  I am doing them as skill work and using a thin band for WODs.  I am also still coaching my regular 5 days a week and lots of our people are gearing up for a competition in January.  It’ll be my first year not competing there since I started crossfit…that will be for next year.

Diet — well there is train wrecks and that is the best descriptor of what I can say it is.  Pregnancy and paleo have not gotten along well.  The baby seems to HATE meat.  Read: I eat it, it hits my stomach, it comes right back.  The later in the day the worse it is.  I’m very guilt of hitting some of my old pre-paleo favs…complex carbs, mostly in the form of bagels.  I am trying to cut that crap out again now; better late then never right?!  And let me tell you me, the strictness of the paleo around this place once baby is here will challenge that of the rules of a nun in Catholic school.  Anywho, we will be cleaning things up around here.  I can also say when the crash and burn has happened its been pretty gluten free still so at least I can get some food in me.  I am up about 12-15lbs total which is pretty good at 25 weeks.  So I will take that and continue to combat the love handles brought to you by diet.  This again proves its 90% in the kitchen and 10% in the gym.

Baby – is a boy!  His name will be Anthony.  I can’t believe 25 weeks have already gone by and there are just 15 weeks to go!  Overall I’ve been lucky and have had a pretty easy pregnancy.  I generally feel good (minus acid reflux and some pelvic pressure).  Our amazingly generous families purchased all the big stuff we need for Christmas (nursery furniture, pack n’ play, stroller, car seat, etc.).  My house now looks like Babies R Us threw up in here.  We have started the nursery and I can’t wait to post update pictures.  We are doing lots from scratch and it is coming along nicely.

Goals – I am not a big one for resolutions, mostly because I think they are crap.  But I’ve set a few goals for 2015.
1.  Clean up our diets around here effective now!  Go back to strict paleo after baby is here.
2.  Get back in the gym (if all goes well) in 4-6 weeks after he arrives.
3.  Have a healthy baby boy! (The most important).
4.  Compete again in October and have dropped all the baby weight by then.
5.  Learn to ask for help when I need it especially after Anthony is here.
6. Update here more (isn’t this always on my list?).  The goal is once a week at least.

What are your resolutions/goals for 2015? Are you competing anytime soon?  Doing the open?  Tell me whats up!

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