There should be lots of disclaimers here so I will work on keeping this short(ish).

1. I am not a doctor!  This blog is not intended for medical advice, guidance, or anything but the fun of reading (for you) and holding myself accountable.  You can certainly do the things I do but they may not work and if you flop over you can’t sue me.

2. I dig crossfit…there is not a question about that.  Much like I am not a doctor I am also not a physical therapist, trainer, or even a crossfit coach.  If you are going to jump right into it (or any other fitness routine) check with your doctor and don’t say I made you do it.

3.  I will post the recipes on here.  They will be tasty.  If you make them and hate them it must be your fault, because I would never make anything bad (if I did I wouldn’t tell you….ok I might but only because it’ll be funny when I burn down the kitchen or cut off my own hand).

4. I’m snarky, a smartass and I often say bad words.  Its amazing how much I filter out before I write, however if I hurt your feelings, you don’t like what I think/say thats fine but don’t get all uptight about it.  You can stop reading or move on from the post.  Cool?

5. These are my general disclaimers.  If you get stupid ideas from here and execute them…not my fault!


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