I crossfit.  I love it.  I do some other things and am generally pretty active.  I hate running but I try to do it (I’ve started couch to 5K about a million times).  I love to swim and play sports (although sports usually lead to broken bones because I am a giant spazhole).  I crossfit 4-6 times a week (well, I try to sometimes life happens and thats okay).  I work out at Crossfit Rowan and the people there are amazing.

What is crossfit?  Its based on functional movements and high intensity workouts.  Heres some crossfit vocabulary for you:

Box = what a gym is called “what box do you work out at?”

WOD = Workout of the Day

AMRAMP = as many reps as possible

EMOM = every minute on the minute

PR = personal record

RX = as prescribed (used to describe workouts; you either RX or scale)

Paleo = diet/lifestyle endorsed by Crossfit.

If you google crossfit you will get a million opinions, thoughts, blogs, websites etc.  Its a little crazypants.  Here is the home crossfit page with lots of information.

“Crossfit is a cult.”  This is what my husband said for the first six months I started at the gym, now he is chugging the crossfit koolaid.  There are tons of people who make this statement.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings, its perfectly okay with me.  In reality we sort of are (depending on your definition of cult).  We all hangout together outside the box (this changes box to box), we work out together every day, we “get it”, its fun.  My box eats dinner together once a week, we call it “family dinner” because that is what we are…a family.  I love that I have others who are suffering at the same level as me.  My box in particular is like a huge family (as are many others).  There are kids there all the time.  Everyone is welcome no matter what kind of shape they are in and we will yell and scream like crazy for them.

Crossfit is badass.  It is the only thing I have ever stuck to for any amount of time.  It kicks my butt every day.  I look at the WOD the second I open my eyes and think about the bag of suck about to happen, but I am proud as anything when I finish it everyday.  Two years ago if you asked me to lift 255 pounds off the floor or even said deadlift to me I would have looked at you like you belonged in a mental institution.  Today, I am all “heck yeah…load up the bar and lets do this thing”.

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