In the “About Me” section I said that we eat 80% paleo 100% of the time.  Again, we probably eat more paleo then that but it sounds good.  What is paleo, you ask?  Great question!  Its also called the caveman diet.  We don’t look at it like a “diet” as a life style.  The simplest I’ve heard it explained is that if it has a face or grows naturally you can eat it (no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no artificial anything).  That is basically it but its a bit more complicated.  Paleo is the cleanest form of clean eating in my opinion.  Everyones take on what is and isn’t paleo is a bit different and it depends who you ask.  There are also things that are “more” paleo then others (red wine some say is paleo and Bud Light isn’t at all).  I would also argue that I can make most things paleo that are not.  Here is a quick video thats explains it pretty well.  Lets be real I am not that strict by any means. Rob Wolf is pretty much the go to guy on everything paleo. You can scope his website here.

Here is a quick list of substitutions that I enjoy that are paleo (non paleo food on left):

peanut butter: almond butter

milk: almond or coconut milk

flour: almond or coconut flour

oils: coconut oil, avocado oil

potato chips: plantain chips

juice: water with lemon (or any type of fruit) or coconut water

sugar: honey, agave syrup

chocolate: dark chocolate (80% at least – and not “real” paleo but close enough for me!)

any meat: free range meat, organic meat as best I can but I wont spend a million extra dollars on it

beer: Red Bridge (gluten free beer – again not paleo but closest thing I could find)

Thats the quick list.  The blog will have lots of recipes, don’t fret!!  Also a list of my favorite paleo blogs here. I get tons of the things we eat off these blogs and the people are amazing!

Civilized Caveman
Nom Nom Paleo
Everyday Paleo

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