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Fitbits…they are kind of like crack

So I decided to bite the bullet and get a Fitbit.  All the cool kids are doing it, it seemed like a fun way to concentrate on moving more when not at the gym, and a bunch of the amazing internet friends I have (we all have April babies) do weekly challenges.  Sounds all fun right?  What nobody told me is that if you are crazy competitive then this is NOT the toy for you.  Unfortunately, I am insanely competitive.

Lets start with I got it for a steal of a price!  Its a fitbit flex and was 60 bucks on groupon, then I used my ebates and got another 6% back.  I got the one where you can pick 3 bands and change them up (you know because I am fancy).  It took about 10 days to get here.  Then it sat in the drawer because I knew it would likely make me crazy once I started.  We had a bunch of stuff to get done so I figured come June I would pop it on.


I tossed it on Wednesday night to make sure it worked.  I didn’t do much other then set it up and go about my life.  Wednesday evening I took a whole 2,185 steps.  Well apparently this thing also tracks your sleep.  Guess what it confirmed…I sleep like crap!  Although I am trying to make sure I get at least 7 hours a night so it at least reminds me to close my eyes at a “reasonable” time (even if I am awake 33ish times a night).


Bring on Thursday.  It was a scheduled off day at the gym so I did a lot of walking circles through the house.  I set a goal of 10,000 steps a day but wanted to work up to it over a few days (not that I had any clue how far that was).  I was at about 5,000 around 4pm.  So I started going the long way…EVERYWHERE.  After the kiddo went to sleep I had to put away dishes and laundry.  It went like this: put away 1 dish, walk to bedroom, put away 1 shirt, walk to kitchen, put away 1 fork, walk to bedroom, put away 1 pair of socks….etc.  You see where this is going?  INSANITY!  Well I cleared just under 8,000 steps.  Not shabby for no gym or leaving the house (in 95 degrees or during the monsoon).


Well Ill be damned if by day 3 I wasn’t hitting 10K steps.  Thankfully, the wod involved 3 – 400m runs.  That should add some steps.  Then I took the kiddo for a mile walk after the wod.  That should add some steps.  Then I parked as far away as humanly possible at Walmart.  That should add some steps.  Then I parked as far away as I could everywhere.  Then I paced in circles like a crazy person waiting for the ATM (I can’t promise the guy in front of me didn’t think I was insane).  I walked in circles around the house.  I walked in circles when I coached at 445pm.  I walked the kid another 800 meters at the gym after the class I coached.  I hit 10,000 steps around 830pm.  BOOM!

Then I started a few challenges.  This is not going to help the obsession.  I must win!  Theres one rocking girl in my A15 group (moms with babies in April 2015 — catchy aren’t we?) who averages 12k steps a day.  She chases 4 kids around all day.  Apparently, she wins almost every week on their work week challenge.  I’m coming for her.  🙂


Then I realized something…WHEN THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO CHARGE THIS THING?  I wear it all day, I wear it to sleep (you know because how else will I know how lousy I slept), I wear it 24/7.  I am still trying to figure this out.  Its charging right now because I am sitting to write.  I guess it will get charged when I am going to sit for any period?  It seems to charge pretty quick but what do I know.

I also think it will be harder to get as many steps in on the weekends.  I see lots of walks (weather permitting), additional gym time, we will walk down the street to breakfast instead of driving most likely and then back to the gym on Saturday morning.

I do greatly appreciate that it makes me think more about moving my butt when I am not in the gym.  Its a friendly reminder that its the little things that can help us.  Park a little further away, go out of your way to help someone, be more active and outside with the kid, all the good stuff!

I do think it may drive me insane, but it will make me more active.  This will also help when we travel and I can necessarily get to a gym every day.  More walks on the beach, more walks in general, less driving.  All good stuff.

Do you have a fitbit?  Leave me your name and Ill add you!  We can challenge each other and I can drive myself further into a competition insanity.

And heres some cute just for fun!  These two were looking for the dog at the same time our amazing nanny rolled up.  Excitement all around!


Stay tuned later this weekend for a lemonade vodka that is (mostly) paleo and will rock your world!



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Competition Recap

Because we all know it takes me a few days to wrap my mind around what went down at a competition.  Did you miss the pre-competition post?  Find it here.  This was my first 2 day comp.  2 days…4 wods…how bad could that be?  Well washing my hair was an issue because my arms didn’t move (oh and my hands looked like someone cheese grated them).  However, it was probably the most fun, high energy, cool location competition I’ve done yet.  I suspect you will see us back there next year in a bigger crowd.

We got to hang out with some old friends and make lots of new friends!  Day 1 was long.  I managed to over sleep by 45 minutes (not good when your job is wake up the people).  Then we went to the wrong place (30 minutes out of the way).  Good thing we had built in a lot of time.  First up was the DL, burpee, knee to triceps.  My hands tore on the 2nd round.  The bars were real skinny and real slippery.  This was the only WOD all weekend I had a shirt on for.  It was too dang hot!

IMG_6042Holy not engaged at all!!

Yup, real cool….don’t worry I continue my streak of first person to 1st aid.  And by 1st aid on this occasion I mean I found some fire fighters on a golf cart who were like “EEWWWW!”.  I just wanted some peroxide or something.  Upon asking if they had scissors to cut the skin off they were officially freaked out.  They didn’t have any….I ripped it off.  Blood, freaking out fire fighters, and a lot of sweat and it wasn’t even 9am!  I think thats a productive day.

IMG_6041Bdawg taping up my hand…laughing…we are unsure if I am laughing or crying!

I completed decent all day.  Steadily finishing well on everything but the first WOD.  The obstacle course I was real worried about the wall.  Then they announced an 8 minute time cap.  The run at the end counted for 1 rep so I decided if I didn’t have at least 2 minutes left I wasn’t gonna run.  Well, I didn’t ask.  The wall wasn’t an issue.  I was the slowest on the snatches.  I completed the 400 with one of our guys running with me (he’s a rockstar, and a coach, and a great friend!).  Hubs was yelling that I had 14 seconds under the time cap left with about 50m left.  I dead sprinted.  He lied!  I finished in 7:03.


I was in 5th at the end of day 1.  So if I did decent on my lift I would make finals.  I PR’d by 5lbs and finished 3rd on the clean & jerk.  Thus, I made finals.  Know whats the worst reward ever?  More working out!  The final WOD was a beast.

9min AMRAP (if you finish you start again)
21 reps
Power Clean #96/65
Ring push ups
15 reps
Pull up
9 reps
Power snatch #95/55
OHS #95/55
3 reps
Chest to Bar

Know what I’ve never done?  Ring push ups.  Know what sucks giant sweaty old man balls?  Ring push ups.  I think I got no repped on the first 12-14.  It was a hot mess.  I would attempt, fail, fall to my knees, attempt, fail, yell at the rings, attempt…well you get it.  Meanwhile, the mats were so hot (did I mention it was 90-100 all weekend?) it legit burned a hole in my knee; the sweat was running in my eyes I was pretty much blind until someone threw me a towel.  I managed to finish them and get 12 thrusters.  Ill take that.  Then I immediately stumbled to the grass delusional.  Attempted to drink water and proceeded to projectile vomit it up and then dry heave over a fence for 5 minutes.  I’m that cool and sexy…don’t forget sexy.

One of the guys we are friends with afterwards who used to workout with us said “Girl…I knew you were a stubborn ass but that was a whole new level.  There is seriously no quit in you…impressive performance and you should be proud of yourself.”  He waited till I was done dry heaving to share that info.  I finished 5th overall.


I had a blast!  Then we ate…and boy did I eat.  I always do after competition.  Want to feel better about a bad eating day?  After the competition I inhaled 5 pieces of pizza (white pizza with tomatoes!), then had a turkey burger with fried onions and the bun, sweet potato fries, ice cream, and fudge.  It was delish.  As of Monday am back to paleo.  Its called a treat people not a binge life style.  Sometimes you gotta do it!

My final picture was during thrusters in the final wod.  I actually like this picture of me (which is rare!)



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Competition Weekend

Yup…again!  Got talked into this one right after the one in April.  Good news: Its at the beach.  Bad news: its 2 days.  Good news: there is only 1 workout Sunday.  Bad news: there are only 5 girls in my division…no pressure right?  Heres the thing somehow I am pretty beat up currently.  Like I keep plowing into things and look like someone beat me.  Oh well!!



Here are the WODs for the weekend:

Saturday in this order for me:

Wod #1
9min Amrap
5 Deadlift (135)
7 lat burpee over the par
9 knees to elbows
**my issue will be knees to elbows….I’d be happy with 6 full rounds but we shall see!**

Wod #2
60 Single Unders
20 KB Swings #35
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 20″
**I suspect this is my strongest WOD on the weekend, shooting for 6 min**

25 calorie row
15 power snatch #55
50m back rack carry #55
25m sprint
7 sand back up over wall (sandbag #25, wall 4’9″)
400m sprint
**yeah lots of running, and I suspect I take a dinger coming over that wall; lets hope I don’t break anything**

Sunday WOD
WOD #4
5 min
1 rep clean & jerk max
1min (immediately following)
max rep thrusters (each one gets you #2 extra on c&j weight)
**I can get 120 its my PR…125 or 130 I’d be stoked.  Thrusters are designed by satin himself**


I am excited about this one because it’ll be fun, and maybe a little badass.  Nothing crazy and super low key.  It is me and 2 of the guys from our gym doing individual.  We know some other great friends competing and a handful coming down to support.

Today will be spent low key by the pool or beach getting my tan on.  Hubs is headed out with the non-competing people on a casino cruise.  Dinner, mindless tv, and bed for this girl.  I plan to be headed to the site by 7am after a good breakfast.  Saturday, I anticipate early to bed because I have to lift heavy shit on Sunday.  Then we head back home to NC.

Be sure to scope instagram for updates and pics from the comp.  Its on the beach and combined with a bunch of stuff (beer festival, bikini contest, volleyball competition, keg throwing, ya know the usual!).  If you are in the Myrtle Beach area you should check it out!

kickass take names

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Information Overload

I know I abandon ship again.  Apparently, I suck at this blogging thing…oh well, you’re still reading aren’t you?  Much love to those of you actually still around.  We are continuing to get settled in the house (read: I keep shoving more boxes in closets and pretend they are unpacked), I’ve oddly fallen in love with yard work so I spend 80% of my free time out meddling in the yard, the team competition is done and we rocked it, I’ve committed to competing again in just 5 weeks, I am supposed to be decorating the house, I’ve decided to re-do the guest bedroom (re-do = actually furnish and decorate).  How is that for a run on sentence?  Lets break some of this down shall we?

The competition was amazing.  I managed to pull my quad warming up for the sprint WOD, one of our guys possibly tore his calve during the sprint WOD, I got cut open 45 seconds into the first WOD with a wheelbarrow contraption thingy, we finished 3rd of 7 teams in our division.  I also had to do all 4 minutes in the AMRAMP WOD of single unders because of the calve injury … I got 436 singles in 4 minutes, after 4 min AMRAMP split time of snatches.  I’ll take that any day.  It was also our last WOD in the day so we were pretty beat.  We each then had a 1 minute row for calories to complete that WOD.  I was dead…the boys pushed me and it was great!  How much pain do I look like I am in?


The guys were amazing.  We had a BLAST and that is what we were going for.  I could not have asked for better teammates.   Of course we had amazing shirts made.  This was at the end of the day.

image-10How adorable are they?  Seriously, best teammates ever!  We also had an amazing support team of significant others and kids.  Yes, they too had matching shirts!  All together we had about 40 people from the gym there representing!  It was an amazing weekend.



Moving on…one of my requirements when we bought a house was that I wanted to grow a garden.  I planted this bad boy this weekend.  Lets see if it is successful.  Sun, water, repeat right?  How hard can that be?  (Note: I’ve killed bamboo many times….).  I started with plants in hopes that things would grow better that way.

image-7I also decided that the exterior of the house needed more color.  So in proper country fashion we got some Jack Daniels half whiskey barrels and I made them planters.


I also bought an inspirilizer.  Its the bomb!  Pretty much it takes about anything you can think of (zucchini, squash, sweet potato, whatever!) and makes it into pasta type noodles.  Check out this amazing blog to see what got me hooked!  I whipped up this dish and it was rockin’!



I’ll be competing next June 14th and 15th (yes, a 2 day’er).  Ill be doing individual this go around.  Someone send Xanax stat.  I am excited and it is on the beach so that has to add fun right?  We are hosting a competition at our box on August 8th and 9th.  Should be a blast…we’ve already been planning our asses off.  Live in NC or anywhere near us and want to come?  Hit me up!

It was my birthday!  My amazing friends threw me a great party at the gym.  I had 8 beers after not drinking in 4 months….bad news bears team!  I have the best friends inherited family in the world.  Here are some pictures from the day.  We did a tailgate theme, corn hole, grilling, beer, and fun for everyone!

Me under my Happy Birthday sign

The girls!

Michelle, Hubs, Me, JK, Amanda

Those shorts…a size 8.  I did a happy dance in the Old Navy dressing room when those bad boys buttoned up no problem.  In proper crossfitter fashion I also did some air squats.


I am about to re-do the guest bedroom.  Its currently empty; by empty I mean it has boxes in it.  My in-laws are coming Memorial Day and they will be needing somewhere to stay.  I’ve ordered furniture and started to get some decor.  I am planning to paint it next week so get ready for some updates on that front.  If hubs doesn’t kill me over it first!

Now for something either very exciting or horribly mortifying.  I asked our gym owner for a picture of the boys during the first 24 hour WOD sitting on wall balls at 3:59am.  He somehow found some really bad pictures of me from that weekend.  (Yes, we do a WOD an hour, every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours..its fun I promise!  There are 4 of us that have done it both years all the way and survived…3rd one coming in 2 weeks).  Like I almost cried when I say them because people I was fat.  I had NO idea how bad it was until I saw these pictures yesterday.  The pictures on the left are me in May of 2012, 6 months after starting Crossfit.  The ones on the right are yesterday May 2014.

(Please tell me again that crossfit makes girls bulky)

I am very proud of how far I have come.  I am thrilled that at 31 I am now wearing a size 8 (something I don’t think has happened since middle school).  I will never ever let myself get like the before pictures again.  There is probably a 35ish pound difference.  I know I was over 200 lbs in the befores (I stopped getting on the scale once it said 200) and I was 168.4 today.  I am a totally different shape.

One of the guys I work out with in the morning asked who Jimmy had posted pictures of on my Facebook wall.  I was like “immmm thats me”.  He didn’t believe me.  Then Joe said he wanted to see and I showed him those side by sides.  Joe just kept saying “holy shit girl!…that is amazing….Jesus…you’ve transformed…I am so proud of you…” then he’d give me a big giant Joe bear hug.  This occurred probably 8 times.  He about made me cry (don’t tell him that!).  I proceeded to go throw 120lbs above my head many times.  I am an avoider…what can I say.

How is that for a recap friends?!  Long, but I am making up for lost time.  I should be back now.  Things are settling.  Lots to come so saddle up!

Happy summer y’all.  Its been 80-90 here this week and I am loving it!  Get those booties in the gym, eat clean, and chug that water!  Tis’ the season of bikinis, shorts, and fun!




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2000 Calories…Whaaaat?!

Thats right people.  Doing some revamping of my life plans here.  Note: life is defined by crossfit and diet.  I’ve got some lofty goals by the time we compete in April again.  Thats right…next competition is already on deck!  April 27th me and 3 of the fabulous men from our gym.  We are team Muff N’ Men!  Don’t hate…its awesome.  Also, scope our team logo!

Muff N' Men_edited-1

My goals before this:
1. Have my front squat and back squat over my body weight.
2. Shoot for a deadlift of 300lbs (current 1 rep PR is 275).
3. Drop more inches and hopefully about 10lbs replaced by muscle (yeah, yeah not about the numbers…)
4. Get a string of pull-ups and learn to kip properly.
5. double unders….consistently.
6. Eat more and keep it paleo (aka no being a cheater).

The things I am currently doing to get here….I have started the hatch squat program as of today.  It may kill me based on my current jell-o legs.  Also, stick to my 3 on 1 off rotation and add in running and rowing on some days.  Continue with pull-up progression work.  Don’t worry its confusing; I’ve made a calendar since my week now runs on 8 days not 7.  workout schedule  You see that February is done.  3 days on 1 day off.  Every time it is a day 1 I run (a mile don’t worry nothing crazy…maybe some sprints if I am feeling sassy); every time it is day 3 row intervals, distance, whatever just row.  I am thinking day 2 will be for skill work (HSPU, doubles, etc.).  Then you see two days a week of pull up progression and 2 different days of hatch squat program.  Holla if you’ve got questions about this madness I can de-code.   Yes, I am still WODing on all non-rest days, generally lifting and doing skill work as scheduled at my gym, RX as much as I can, and attempting to super rx lots more stuff (24″ box jumps, #20 wall balls, etc.).


I am upping my calories to 2000 a day on days that I workout since I will be there lots!  I am planning for 1600 on rest days.  People this is hard and a metric crap ton of food.  I sit here writing to you at almost 10pm thinking…I need 300 more calories and it may kill me.  Wanna know what I’m eating every day?  Scope myfitnesspal and I am screwthescale1.  Let me give you todays run down:

Pre gym: black coffee (I’d die without it!)
Breakfast: protein and 1 cup of vanilla almond milk, 2 eggs
Snack: 1 cup of strawberries
Lunch: 6oz of chicken tenders cooked with almond flour dipped in 3 tbs of paleo bbq sauce I made
Snack: apple pie lara bar
Post lift: 1 scoop protein and kill cliff (dunno what this is…recovery drink thats the bomb!  Mix with chocolate protein and tastes like creamsicle
Dinner: 8oz of pork, 3 tbs bbq sauce, 1 sweet potato cut into fries and baked, 1.5 cups of veggies

Seriously….300 more calories.  I am thinking a smoothie (protein, almond milk, fruit maybe?).  I am also working hard to keep a 40/30/30% balance.  That is 40% protein, 30% fat, 30% carbs.  This should drop some weight and let me preform my best.  Eat big…lift big…right?!  That’s what I hear.

Ok, off to locate 300 calories, pack breakfast for me, lunch for hubs and I, and relax!  What are your current goals?  How do you eat good, clean, food and lots of it?  Share what you got!


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Competition recap!

Readers Digest Version:

1. I survived
2. It was a train wreck
3. I hate crying
4. Ice is amazing!
5. More pictures are coming I just don’t have my hands on them yet!
Real Version:

I am alive still, and there will be at least 4 days off from the gym.  My back was already tight and sore so I had kines tape up one side and down the other (this is important later).  The first WOD was deadlifts and burpees.  Everyone knows burpees are the thing I am the slowest at and then some.  115 pound deadlift is nothing to me.  I am strong not fast.  When I practiced this workout I got through 3 full rounds, 5 deadlifts, and 2 burpees (6 minute time cap).  During the competition I got through 4 rounds, 5 deadlifts, and 12 burpees.  That my friends is almost a full round improvement!  I was stoked by this and my only goal for the day was to beat myself on every WOD.


My amazing friend/crossfitter Mallory and I after the first workout.

Onto the second workout which was wallballs and snatches.  It took me something like 12 minutes and change when I practiced and they put a 10 minute time cap on it.  We had 3 rounds of 20 wallballs and 20 – 45 pound statches.  On my second snatch in the first round my back popped and hurt like hell.  I quickly lost the feeling through my right ass cheek and the top of my leg.  Somehow I pushed through at VERY slow speed and made it to round 3 and pulled off 12 snatches.  I was the only one still working and everyone else in my heat was done.  My judge was amazing and one of the girls from our box.  I also had pretty much our whole gym around me and I remember thinking two things.  The first “this sucks really f’in bad” and the second “maybe no one can tell these are tears and they just look like sweat”.

I proceeded to lay on the mat outside as tears streamed and I attempted to pull my shit together.  I have no idea who pulled me up but I am pretty sure it was one of the guys.  I got inside and was down and out on the chiropractor table while I was texting her frantically (she was at a conference so not at the gym).  I then iced my back, put the tens unit on it, attempted to roll out, and repeat.  The chipper was up next and I am too much of a stubborn jackass to quit hurt or not.

Onto the third WOD.  It was a chipper of cleans, sit-ups, box jumps, jumping pull ups, singles, kettlebell swings, burpees, and overhead stationary lunges.  As I moved onto the floor one of the coaches was setting up.  He is the one who runs our 9am class and who I typically workout with, we had the following conversation (because I must have looked awful at this point).

Tommy: you ok?
Me: No
Tommy: What happened?
Me: My back is f’d up and I think I might be dying.
Tommy: Why don’t you not do this?
Me: Because I am a stubborn ass and not going to quit unless I am dead.
Tommy: Ok…go get em’ girl
**This conversation was completed with a quick ass slap**

My judge was Jody who also coaches our 9am class and I love.  As we stood there talking I told him I had to pee so if I peed while jumping rope or on the box jumps don’t be alarmed (those of you who crossfit know that sometimes a girl just pees her pants while working out…no biggie!).  I also told him I was going to try not to cry but I made no promises.  He hugged me and said something to the effect of “Girl you got 18 minutes, we got this all day” . Honestly, I expected the tears to come on the cleans from pain.  They didn’t.  I was rocking my old time (9:46 I think).  I made it to the box jumps when people said I started wincing from pain before every one (I didn’t notice guess it just happened).  I remember Jody saying “girl get yo ass up on that box”, and I did.  And I kept going.  I looked up at the clock before burpees and it read 6:30.  Holy shit there was a shot in pain or not I beat my old time.

I got to the burpees and it went to hell in a hand basket.  About burpee number 16 the tears started.  My back was locking up every time I got down on the ground.  Every.single.damn.time.  I got down and didn’t think I was getting back up.  The tears started…I recall exactly on #16.  I know this because I looked at the girl next to me who had torn her hands bad on pull ups.  There was blood everywhere, she was crying, I was crying, but we were still going.  I remember thinking if she hasn’t quit and is bleeding I can get my ass up off the floor.  And I did.  I somehow finished the WOD in 11 or 12 minutes; the girl next to me finished in 17:50 something (there was an 18 minute time cap).  I was so excited for her, and today have no voice from cheering for her.  She was a badass!

Next thing I knew I was sitting on the stack of weights, someone handed me a beer, my shoes were off and it was over.  I parked it on the floor, drank my beer, and ate chocolate.  I was a hot mess, in pain, but thrilled to be done.


Immediately after it was over, happy, kines tape half torn off my back, and smiling.

I was chilling in a different room with some of the guys who still had to finish.  We were talking about numbers and the WOD.  They were insisting that it was only 15 burpees.  I said “there is no way because I did 30 and just finished”.  Well, guess what?!?!  It was damn 15.  Jody (my poor judge) mis-read and I did 15 extra burpees, the thing I am the slowest at.  So between that and my back it explains my junk time.

I finished 8 out of 8 on the day.  You know what?  It doesn’t matter.  I finished and that is what counts.  I was hurt but I pushed through.  Lots of people from our gym finished in the top 3 of their category.  Its so amazing to workout with such a great group of people.  They really are like family.  If it had not been for them there is no way I would have finished.  I just couldn’t quit and disappoint them (nobody would have blamed me for quitting hurt, but I wasn’t going to do it).  They cheered like crazy and poured just as much into it as any of us did.  Not to mention they did a fine job beer running when it was over!

It was done around 430, and I stayed at the gym till about 930 to hang out.  By then my back hurt so bad I had to bounce.  I am working on getting pictures and will put up a post with a bunch when I get my hands on some.   Here are 2 more fun ones.  They aren’t the best quality but you get it.


Above: Myself in the green, Jimmy in red (he owns the gym), Michelle in blue, and Richard in black (he won first in scaled mens!).  Clearly something was funny and I am in love with this pic.


Our after party crew.  I am on the top right in black shorts and light blue shirt (showered and changed).  Jody in the red I am hugging after giving him a TON of crap about counting to 15 not 30.  Fine group of people right there.

Sorry this one is so long but ya know, memories!!


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Twas the night before competition…

And all through the house…nah just kidding!  But it is the night before competition!  I am a lot of things.  Nervous, excited, ready to puke, and ready to get this party started.  Generally, speaking trying to keep it as normal as possible.  Stretched today like crazy (I might have a hamstring/back tightness issue going on), we cleaned the gym this morning and set up this evening for tomorrow.  There was mopping, hole patching, box moving, weight carrying, keg drop off, and so much more!  Yes you read that right.  Every good competition has a proper after party.  In came the keg-er-a-tor and 2 kegs.  Donations during the competition for non-competetiors for the beer and beer for all after.  Guess what I am gonna do immediately after my 15th stationary lunge….damn straight… TO THE KEG.


Lets stay focused here (clearly my brain is on F-I-R-E!).  Got home tonight and made dinner which was chicken legs on the grill and sweet potato fries.  Looks tasty huh?


Then I started packing for tomorrow.  Contents of my bag are as follows: jump rope (I jacked my favorite one from the gym because I don’t want some biotch to steal it from under me), C4 (pre-workout…judge all you want), protein, 2 shaker bottles, almond butter, trail mix, lara bars, bananas, apples, a change of clothes, a change of shoes, a vat of water, and my WOD shoes and socks.  Extra attire in case it rains during outdoor WODs; I can not stay wet and WOD all day (thats what she said!).


Tomorrows competition workouts are as follows:
WOD #1: 5 Deadlift #115lbs, 10 burpee over the bar for 5 rounds.  Time cap: 6 minutes (FML, I don’t suspect I will finish…it is an AMRAP when time is called as the score).

WOD #2: 20 wallballs #12 to 8′ line & 20 snatches (yup still funny) #45 for 3 rounds.  Time cap: 10 minutes (this will be close on time for me)

WOD #3: mini chipper: 15 cleans #65, 30 sit-ups, 30 step ups to a 20″ box, 30 jumping pull ups, 60 singles, 15 kettle bell swings .5 pood (16lbs), 15 burpees, 15 stationary overhead lunges #25.  Time cap 18 minutes (I am shooting for 9:30).

Lets all hope this doesn’t kill me.  I’m not out to win this thing.  I signed up so I had something to train for.  I got my butt in gear hit the gym, got back on the paleo train, cut most drinking, and it showed.  I took measurements on 6/25 and again tonight (After eating all day).  Here they are:

Thats right people…total loss of 5″ all over and only 6 pounds (yes I got on the scale I was curious).  Scope this post for some comparison pictures (I can not for the life of me find the before pictures I took on 6/24.  Here was me today pre-stretching (yes, I find the toilet to really add something in the picture).

IMG_3897 IMG_3896

I am off to finish packing, go pack the keg with more ice, shower, and hit the sack.  Early day tomorrow with lots of fun.  Hopefully, someone takes pictures and there is some fun to show and report.

Happy weekend!!


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